18 April 2008

Five (and a half) things

The ever humorous, insightful, and insanely prolific blogger, Rob, tagged me with this compelling meme:

Five things I'd like my children to know before they grow up

1. The character and person of God. Know what makes him smile, what angers him, how intensely and completely in love with you he is.

2. People are valuable. I hope you ache when you see others suffering, and I hope you transform that ache into action that mends, provides, restores.

3. What define a person are not the things she has little control over: a propensity toward acne, a killer jump shot, a duplex in a trashy neighborhood. What define a person are her choices, what she makes of what's been given to her. Pick your friends accordingly.

4. Money is a tool. The minute you begin to regard it as anything more than that is the minute you begin to ruin your life.

5. Live deliberately. It's easy to live in a reactionary sort of way, scurrying about from crisis to crisis, but I suspect that at the end of a lifetime of this, you'll find yourself carrying the regret of having accomplished very little of lasting value.

5b. (Otherwise known as 6, but related to 5 enough that I'm not entirely cheating...) Live in the present. Learn from the past, certainly, and plan for the future, but don't let reminiscing or dreaming rob the people in your life today of you.

PS Want to do this meme? Consider yourself tagged, and please do stop by and leave me some linkage so I can read your answers. :)


Tonya said...

I think i may have to do this...

I love yours...so true...your way with words (and sewing, and photography, and blog design, and etc. etc. etc.) is so wonderful!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

OOoo....lovely meme...and lovely answers. I'll let you know if I do it.

p.s. You're the sweetest ever, you know that?

Rob said...

all I've got to say is....

About stinkin' time!!!!

Seriously, those are the best answers I've seen yet. Nice job, you! Sometime over the next week I'm going to follow the trail and add everyone to the list I've started. Thanks for doing it!!

(And consider your husband tagged...he needs something to post about, and I'm betting he knows more about parenting than fantasy baseball...)

Katarina said...

Nice meme;)...love your original posts and of course your absolutely amazing designs!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog,too!!


Jenn said...

hmmm...I could consider myself tagged...but then I would probably be forced to just copy and paste your reply on my owm blog :) I couldn't agree more with your answers. I think we are cut from the same mold :)

Take a bow Jenn

Love said...

i look forward to doing this one.

i believe in your answers whole-heartedly.

what i would give to have them know these things...

what a wonderfully big "job" we've been given.

Melissa said...

I would love to do this, but I know there is no way I could top your list... fantastic job!

princess*picasso said...

Nic, you are so inspiring, and you have me in deep thought over this :) Your answers are perfection and I couldn't agree more.