05 March 2008

freezing rain, wintry mix, and other Acts of God

So I stood James up last night. Hopefully he's not taking it too hard.

Apparently my love of British accents was not influential enough to make the weather behave, and between the freezing rain here, the thunderstorms in Atlanta, waiting in line for de-icing, and countless delayed flights everywhere all jockeying for priority to land, I didn't quite make it to the concert. We did actually get on the plane and taxi out a few times, but the ice-sealed flaps (which, I hear, are important for the whole flying deal) meant we never did progress to the taking off part.

I did, however, get to finish two half-read novels and chat with fellow almost-passengers and admire photos of kids/grandkids/poodles and eat ice cream on a stick from a vending machine. Oh, and I am really good at crossword puzzles. I also got to spend the night with my cousin and his wife (who live near the airport) at their gorgeous new house.

Also, I got to feel loved. The hubby drove me to the airport since I am an even worse driver than usual in icy conditions, The Ununcle monitored flights and gave advice and even missed the concert on his end of things, and Craig and Angela braved the weather and roads to collect me from the airport. I so wish I'd had my camera with me so y'all could see Angela's hand-painted footstool in the guest suite, with its welcome basket of towels, bath essentials, and bottled water. It was like a posh hotel except, well, friendlier.

All in all, it was not a bad way to spend a day.

This morning, long after Craig and Angela had left for work, I sipped hot chocolate and savored a magazine and relished the stillness and quiet. Not quite as good as a full concert of that brilliant Brit accent, perhaps, but pretty darn close.


Unknown said...

The hand-painted foot stool is one of our favorite things also. Glad Craig and Angela could help out. Nice house, huh! Sorry you missed the concert.

Courtney said...

sorry to hear that you missed the concert! maybe another time :-(

nic said...

thanks, courtney!

uncle k: yep, love the foot stool, but my second fave thing is the master bath & closet. so heavenly.

janae said...

Oh, that's so sad you missed the concert. I love your ablility to look at the bright side of things and enjoy the "experience".

Kristen said...

you have a wonderful way of seeing the good in any situation - if only more people had that outlook in life...so sorry you missed James, he gets me through many a day ;)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Oh my, how very lovely despite the sadness of missing out on the concert. Glad you got to have a happy time regardless!

Nic said...

thanks, courtney!

uncle k: yep, love the foot stool, but my second fave thing is the master bath & closet. so heavenly.