10 January 2008

celebratory measures

In honor of a certain little brother's twenty-seventh birthday, I spent half the morning looking for normal pictures of us together, where one or the other of us (okay, generally both) is not doing something truly weird.

There weren't very many.

Still, I found a few (please forgive the quality of the images; they are pictures of pictures, some of which weren't very clear to begin with).

{1984? 85? Either way, I've got some nice bedhead going on there.}


{1990, Noel's 9th birthday. Notice the bunny ears on the piece of pie.}
{Also, very fond memories of those goose glasses and the matching goose kitchen, Mom.}

{1996, guest appearance by Gina (oh, and Piglet)}

{flamingos: always good for a party}

This reminded me, once again, of how Noel has long been the best looking person in our family. But I shall not give up hope. I could be really hot in my seventies; one never knows.

Happy birthday, Poley. I love you.


Melissa said...

Love the pictures! The flamingos are particularly nice :)

Wendy said...

Love the pics Nicki!

Especially the one with our amazing friend Gina. :)...LOL you two really look like you could be related.


Happy Birthday Noel!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Happy Birthday brother of a woman I simply adore!

You are one good lookin' family all 'round, I say.

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Unknown said...

my mom had those exact goose glasses & matching kitchen!! =)

and wow, that could be your oldest sitting there in that pic!

happy birthday, noel!

janae said...

What a sweet sister you are. You're pretty good looking yourself. Love the bunny ears. My 9year old son is in that stage right now. He's ruined many pictures with the bunny ears.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

How sweet of you! You look *exactly* the same now as when you were a kid!!

Oh and my mom had those same goose glasses. haha!! Then entire kitchen was decorated in them, actually.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, What a sweet sister you are to look through all of those old photos! The memories they conjured up must have made for a fun part of your day though.

You have/come from a BEAUTIFUL family. I can't believe how much you still look the same.

And the goose glasses - yeah, we had those too! LOL! Thanks for sharing, ~D