30 December 2007

generally speaking

sometimes i sense that this breakneck speed which is my life affects my little sphere of influence in larger ways than just flattening it into a pancake of stress. because sometimes i think that if i just put the urgencies and emergencies of daily life on pause

like so

and thought about things

(i mean, really thought about things), you know,
as in yanked my habits and spending and schedule in line with my convictions, it could--

quite possibly

--change everything.

(and unchange is always so much easier. mindless, but so bloody convenient.)


Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

Amen! You said exactly what I often think. Hope you don't mind, I am going to link to this post on my blog.

janae said...

That is so true! You have such an amazing way with words. Have you ever thought about writing? I think you'd be great. You are such a talented person.

Tonya said...

isn't habit so freakishly comforting???

I don't really know what inhibits us from just doing what we know will make us happier, healthier, and better off in the long run...

perhaps it is that darn...what I right now at this second...

(another peice of dessert...another pair of those jeans that look just like all my others...that shirt that I will only wear once...to get angry over something that doesn't really matter...etc...etc...etc...)

...that fouls me up everytime!

Here's to reevaluting and just doing what we know will be better (easily said...let's see about done...*smile*)

Happy New Year Nic...


Anonymous said...

true that.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You is brilliant, you know that?