16 November 2007


And now for another edition of Who My Kids Are Today. (Otherwise known as My Memory is Disintegrating so I've Learned to Write These Things Down.)

Elle is a model target of TV advertising. Whenever a commercial hawking something purplish or glittery appears on the screen, she exclaims, "Ooh, Mommy, dat is the one I yuv!" And we still have thirty-eight more advertising days till Christmas. Oh boy.

She has also not yet outgrown the Dictator Stage. "Mommy," she says, pointing to the space on her bed beside her pillow,"you seep by me for yittle bit." And "Where is Date-Danma? I say I want Date-Danma to tum in my house for two minutes. Where IS she?"* So I'm thinking she just needs a small country to run and we'll be good.

Oh, yes. AND. She also has a retractable belly-button, which I'm sure will come in handy for some future MacGyverish moment. Or perhaps earn her a spot on America's Got Talent. What a weird country we live in.

* * *

Em is a happy li'l guy. To him, an ideal day consists of oodles of saimin and Lego Star Wars people.

After we go through the (extensive) bedtime routine each night, he waits till I walk past his room and calls out for another hug and kiss. Just to be extra sure he's loved.

* * *

Zee and Bee are cracking me up these days. It's rather enjoyable to observe their humor ameliorating into something that quite resembles mine. I'm sure this will one day horrify them.

(Conversation in the van between the two)
Zee: "I don't know if I'll like the pumpkin pie at church. Some pumpkin pies I don't like."
Bee: "What? You are a traitor to the pumpkin pie world! I can't believe it! We let you in!"

date danma=great grandma


Megan/Brassy Apple said...

so darling! At least you are writing it down. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh-h-h how I love my dankids, I mean grandkids!!! They are the smartest, cutest, most amazing, etc. etc. kids EVER.

This said by one of the "regular" Danmas.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Zee and Bee got me laughing out loud. You're so smart to be recording these moments! I need to do that more.

Patty Young said...

Awe, how sweet! Boo and Elle are too much alike. Boo also says all "l's" like "y's" and all "k" sounds like "t's" ... it'll be kinda sad when the baby talk is gone for good...her being my last baby and all. :(

Anonymous said...

Funny! I know what you mean. I’ve gotten really quick on the trigger of the voice memo function of my cell phone to catch moments that I will surely forget later. Evading that “one more hug” or “can I have ice in my water?” radar every time I pass my son’s door is a challenge I face nightly.

Love said...

i find it funny that i didn't need your translations at the bottom.
and i *heart* zee & bee......so stinkin' funny. =)

Annette said...

I look forward to reading every single time you post. I just LOVE it!!! :)

~love said...

i find it funny that i didn't need your translations at the bottom.
and i *heart* zee & bee......so stinkin' funny. =)