14 October 2007

more on the updates

-I'm learning what it means to truly rest, and what a sheer relief it is to live in cycles of work and respite (vs non-stop overdrive).

-Being a mother means uttering things you never imagined you'd say. Like "No honey, we do not glue paper to the wall" and "Just because it fits up your nose doesn't mean it belongs there."

-In spite of my thirty-ness, if you send me to a women's retreat, I'll still happily consume middle-of-the-night-cold-pizza and stay up till 4:20 AM whispering and giggling in the dark. I guess it takes some of us a while to outgrow these things.

-I'm fairly certain that Twix ice cream arrives in my local grocer's freezer aisle through an invisible chute directly feeding from some creamery in heaven. Same with orange cream slushie.

-My friend Kimmy is superb. Even her non-posts are deliciously funny.

-I am hereby revoking my online privileges for a little while so I can get my kiddos a snack and attempt to squeeze a bit of sewing in. Happy Monday!


Melissa said...

Hey Nic - don't you love women's retreats? I went to one in the spring and it was so awesome! I needed a vacation to rest and relax after all the playing was done!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Awww...I got a warm fuzzy feeling seeing my name up in lights like that. You're so sweet!

I'm have an alternating sort of day. A little work, a little play, and so on. It suits my short attention span quite nicely.

Hope you have a lovely, productive day!

Tonya said...

I think my Diet Coke comes from that same chute...

Don't stay away too long...

Enjoy your break and get some rest!

Katy said...

I love how you put all that stuff...those are all so true...espec. about the things mom's never imagine having to say! LOL too funny! Hope you had a great day!