18 September 2007

updates and happenings

1. Sunday I had the best cheese of my life. Fresca something. Hold on, let me google it. Ah, here we are. Queso fresco, which I think just means fresh cheese. It was wet and crumbly, which sounds el disgusto, but these are apparently good things in a cheese.

2. Also on Sunday, I cut Elle's hair. Every time I turn around, these kids need a haircut. Anyhoo, I lopped off about 4-5 inches, and I'd have to say the hubby is taking it quite well this time. His two main comments were fairly neutral: "Wow, you cut a lot off." And "Hmmmn, she looks...different."

3. Awhile back, I overheard a second-hand account of a conversation that troubled me. Conversers: two single people, late twenties, early thirties. The guy says to the girl, "The thing that freaks me out about marriage is that ten years down the line, she could go crazy. Just completely lose it. And we'd have kids together and everything."

And I'm hearing this, thinking, Thank goodness that fellow isn't married.

Actually, no. My first thought was: Because it is all about you. (It helps if you read that with the most condescending tone musterable.)

Followed by my second thought: If you think you're going to find a female who won't be affected by depression/anxiety at some point in her life, you're the delusional one.

But my third thought was the one with the words fellow and thank goodness.

I suppose I was bound to take this personally as I've had my fair share of the crazies. But still, he could have said this instead:

"So sometimes I think about marriage and how you never can guarantee what will happen. She could have a crisis, a total breakdown. But that's why I want to marry her; so she'll never have to face something like that alone."

4. I really like pico de gallo. And chocolate tea, although probably not at the same time.

5. The first trees are succumbing to fall's beguiling blush:

6. Every morning Em asks if we can take a break from preschool. And every morning I say, "Um sorry, but no." Five is a little young for senioritis, but this kid's got it bad.

7. Hubby took the younger two for donuts this morning, which yielded a small space of quiet for me. Then he returned with this:

which is how I knew it was going to be a very good day indeed.


Unknown said...

My,my, does Todd spoil you? You take after your mother as she also loves chocolate. Have a great day. Love you. dad

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I like your tag of "possible gluttony", and I loooove your portrayal of what that fellow ought to have said. As one also afflicted by the crazies I have to say that was perfect!

Tonya said...

*elle* looks gorgeous!

Those chocolates look gorgeous...

everything you do is...gorgeous!

I think I am a little jealous!

I love the thoughts on marriage...it is about chooding someone to face life with and to support and care for eachother. Thank goodness for all the blissful and "sane" moments, but too for good men to stand beside (or hold us up) through our tough times.

aubrey said...

wow. what amazing pictures. and yum, i want to eat those chocolates.

emily said...

elle is beautiful . . . and the haircut too!

all of your pictures are always so great . . . what kind of camera do you use? (if you don't mind me asking?) :O)

Love said...

i love that marriage quote so much i could quote you in my side bar! =)

i adore the haircut.

i just ransacked my pantry looking for something very similiar to those chocolate after a stressful putting-to-bed episode w/ the girls. but, thankful you have them & all i found was cashews & raisins! =)

Kindra said...

LOVE the new haircut! Also, do you think Todd could maybe send some hints Seth's way about picking up goodies for his lovely wife? :)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Mmmmm... cheese.

Elle's hair looks adorable! I love hair flowers.

That poor man is delusional. Hopefully someday he'll realize what marriage is really about and then understand a bit better.

I don't like pico de gallo, and chocolate tea sounds terrible. :)

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year!!

My 5 yr old tries frequently to skip kindergarten. Ummm, no.

Mmmm, doughnuts. And Mmmmm chocolate truffles! Those look divine!

Happy Wednesday! :)

Melissa said...

I haven't dared to cut Baby Girl's hair... I cut my boy's hair, but only because they like it BUZZED! Is there anything you don't do?
Those chocolates look soooo yummy!!

nic said...

Em: Canon Digital Rebel XT. What do you have? For some reason I was thinking you had the same one.

emily said...

I'm in the market for a digi SLR . . . don't have one as of yet. Heard lots of good things about Canon and Nikons.

Thanks for sharing!

amelia said...

Oh you cut hair very well! Em looks darling!


aubrey said...

wow. what amazing pictures. and yum, i want to eat those chocolates.