12 September 2007

oh dear

So last night I figured out that blogger counts my own profile clicks toward the total views of my profile. Heheheh. And since I was at 897 (yes, I know all the rest of y'all are in the thousands, I don't wanna hear about it), I clicked and back-clicked several times so I could reach 900.

Then the guilt settled in.

See, I have this moral policy against voting for myself. And this felt a lot like voting for myself. In all of my varied candidacies (ie for posts so hallowed as Key Club Recording Secretary), I could never muster up the gumption--the arrogance?--to check that little box next to my name. Which I own as being oddly out of character, but there we are.

Perhaps my hesitance originated from the first and only time I DID pick me: fourth grade, the illustrious race for Student Council 2nd VP (one of only two slots we lowly fourth graders could run for). I lost. Moment of silence, please. So maybe that's it; maybe I equate self-votes with God smiting me with a loss. Hmmmn.

All was good, though, as the kid who beat me (Steven Nichols) became my first boyfriend (sixth grade, 1988). As first boyfriends go, he was pretty sweet. And just think, if I had beaten him way back when, I'm sure I wouldn't have found him remotely attractive. (Alas, it wasn't meant to be, because who wants to wind up as Nicole Nichols? Um, no thank you.)

But I digress.

The point of this whole rambling bit of fun was onefold: confession. I self-voted, I confessed, I am now able to enjoy the rest of my day. That is, if you forgive me. Which I hope you do.

Happy cleanse-your-soul Wednesday.


kris said...

Ha! I enjoy your honestly and confession. I hope the therapy was good and your guilt has subsided.

Melissa said...

Yeah... At one point I was all excited because my numbers were so stinkin high. Then I realized that it counted me. Imagine my disappointment. I thought I was popular ;)

Love said...

i felt the same until someone once said to me, "how could they believe in you to vote for, if you don't believe in yourself." i jumped all over this theory. =)

love the 1st boyfriend story. =)

Morgan said...

well, seing as we're fessin' up and all...I blogged this morning in just my undies, well, and a bra. So there...picture me typing and coding "Copacabana" into my music player while near naked and I guess we'll call it even ;o)

The Wooden Spool said...

Love your blog! Cute halloween outfit! DARLING color combos!

Tayasmama said...

Hahaha. You rotter you! I don't like my own hits showing up! I switched it so it doesn't count me now :)

I know you tagged me before and I didn't do it, but now I'm tagging you and you have to do it cause I incorporated an apology for not doing yours in my new one. heh heh heh.


nic said...

ohgeezTHANKS, Em! actually, it's a cute meme you tagged me with...i might actually do it. :)

and i can change blogger to not count my own profile views? how do i do this? i know how to get sitemeter to not count my own blog hits, but that's it.

Tayasmama said...

Oh I dunno??? I have sitemeter! lol

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Confession is good for the soul.

Then again, so is chocolate.