17 August 2007

tip of the day

Do not allow your two-year-old (no matter how cute she may be) to take a Kleenex tissue to bed unless you enjoy picking up three hundred Kleenex shreds the next morning.

You'd think that by the fourth child I would've caught on to these things.


Melissa said...

Ah... the things we learn...over and over and over... how is your son today??

nic said...

Hey Melissa! He's doing so much better. We're hoping he'll be allowed to go home sometime this evening. Thanks for asking!!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

So glad your son is doing better!

And giggling like mad over the kleenex episode. How often we have moments like that...to keep us humble, right?

erin said...

Totally made me giggle, something that seems sooooo all too familiar in my world also. Will we ever learn? lol