11 August 2007

IOU (prologue)

I've been kickin' around this idea for a few weeks now, and finally decided to give it a whirl. I'm engineering a sporadic series called IOU (yeah, I suppose having it up there in the title does mess with the element of surprise--hmmmn).

Anyway, the plan is to feature, from time to time, someone who's been good to me. Someone who has poured their life into me, helped shape who I am today.

Hopefully this doesn't go the way of most of my grand ideas, launching with great fanfare only to gradually fizzle out into oblivion. I'm not sure if this tendency speaks to my short attention span or to my poor memory, but neither is especially flattering, eh?

(Like remember the whole God-complex era, when I used to give everyone points? I suppose some things are better left unresurrected.)

So be on the lookout for IOU's. Or not. We'll see how it goes.


Tonya said...

sounds like a great idea...

look forward to seeing in!

Anonymous said...

Good idea. When other people are in your life, you don't always think "Wow,you are helping to shape and mold my life". Now that I am older, I look back and can remember some people that meant a lot to me, and that I looked up to. I wish I would have told them what they meant to me.

I also have written to different people that I know were influences in my kids lives. So many to thank!!

Which, by the way...What an influence YOU are to your kids, and MY kid and me. Love ya.

Melissa said...

It sounds like a great idea! And what a fun way to honor the people who are in, or have been in your life.