16 August 2007

I tell you what, this kid is only two and she already knows how to work the system.

"Mommy," she croons, wrapping her baby-soft arms around my neck. "Mommy, I still love you. Can I have some chocolate milk now?"


On other matters, my nine-year-old has just been admitted to the hospital with low oxygen levels and signs of pneumonia. If any of you are willing to pray for him, I'd be so appreciative. Not only is he miserable, he's also missing his first week of school.

And then there's this. Really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

World Vision is habitually one of the first relief organizations to respond to large-scale disasters, and Peru's quake is no exception. Would you consider joining me in donating to their emergency aid/disaster response fund?

Thanks, dear friends.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

We learn the subtle art of manipulation young, don't we?

Prayers for you and yours. ~hugs~

Erika Cass Designs said...

Sending prayers your way. I hope he'll be ok. :o)
On a lighter note, chocolate milk is my sons all-time favorite drink and he would do/say just about anything to get it. :oP

Melissa said...

What a way to start school :( I hope that he doesn't have to stay in the hospital long and is able to get back to school soon! I'll pray for your family
My little girl is a lot the same. Lately she has started calling me "Your Highness...". Whenever she calls me that I know she's gonna ask for something serious. ;)

Anonymous said...

Praying...your poor sweetie. I have experienced this with ds and it's so hard. hugs

Unknown said...

hi! i didn't have time to comment when i snuck a few blogs in to ready yesterday...but i did totally relate to the sweet, hugging little girl & prayed for your son! how is he?

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear your son is sick. I hope he is feeling better soon.