07 August 2007

good things (just call me Martha)

1. My mom is officially my favorite mom ever because she sent me this:

(Well, the whole lack-of-competition thing also works out in her favor, but you know.)

I've been rationing my chocolates to increase the days of joy, but today I caved and had three. It's quite likely that I just reversed the entire 3.5 miles I jogged this morning, but I'm choosing not to dwell on this. Upward and onward, I say.

In case you're unfamiliar with Dove's Promises, their foil wrappers sport nifty printed messages. I usually find them moderately amusing, like the one that read: "Smile. People will wonder what you've been up to." But today's messages were just plain wonky.

"Go to your special place." Yepper.

That was the message, and I got it all three times.

So I'm really supposed to be going there, apparently. It might be a slight hitch in the plans that I don't know the location of this specialness, but wherever it is, I'm sure the temperature is cooler than it is here. Come to think of it, Antarctica is feeling pretty special right now.

2. I love tomatoes. But sometimes I forget.

I've spent so much of my life gagging at tomatoes that it takes me a prolonged second (which is probably the equivalent of two seconds, but I wanted to say "prolonged") to remember that, oh yes, I do like them.

They are delectable in sandwiches, salads, or sprinkled with olive oil and red pepper flakes.

And they are amazingly tastier straight from a friend of a friend's garden, as opposed to the sterile aisles of Meijer.

3. Need a dose of melancholy? Thumb through your high school yearbook a bit. My school buddies were witty and odd and flattering. Nothing like leaving to make people say nice things about you.

My favorite sign-off was this:

I'm running out of ink
or is it heart?
I can't tell


Megan/Brassy Apple said...

Ok my comment has nothing to do with your post but your picture on the side of your blog! I don't think I have ever seen YOU! I've seen your darling kids, designs, etc but dang girl! you are one little hottie!!! ;)

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I wonder if I'll ever learn to love tomatoes. If so, that picture may well be instrumental.

I'm trying to talk Neil into getting me the same camera as you for Christmas. I showed him some of the pictures on your blog and I think they alone have him half convinced!

Love that last bit...how incredibly sweet and poetic.

Unknown said...

It's always nice to be someone's favorite...with or without the competition. You made my day!

Melissa said...

Nic - I like the way tomatoes taste... they don't like me. :S
Maybe I will look through my old high school year books. Could be interesting.
And it sounds like you need to find that "special place" pretty quick! The Dove foil wrappers demand it!

Unknown said...

BTW, just because the blog says "Norman" it doesn't mean he wrote it. I can't get my blog password to work anymore. And your sis asks, "who was your favorite mom before???"