12 July 2007

Spidey & Co

The day was hot, the water deliciously cold.

{Irresistible side note:

So the directions explicitly warn that this slide may only be used on a lawn that is completely flat and level, free of debris, twigs, rocks, bumps, depressions, etc. Um, yeah.

If you own a lawn like that, either:

a. you are a golf course


b. you are not in this lifetime letting a Spider Man 3 Web Slinger Water Slide within a 2 mile radius of your aforementioned lawn.

Who writes these things, anyway?}


Jen said...

Love, love, love your photos. The arrangement of photos are awesome! How do you do it?! Is it a panaramic camera or a software program? Also are you capable of printing this fun photo arrangement? Thanks!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Ah, the ridiculousness of it all!

Tayasmama said...

Morons that's who!!! I always get a kick out of warning lables :)

Love that slip'n'slide! After our ghetto 'tarp on a hill' waterslide I remember being so extatic about our Crocodile Mile, remember that? The teeth were the dangly things. "You run, you slide, you hit the bump and take a Dive!!!" Ahhh those were the days :)


Melissa said...

Love warning labels :) My lawn is like that...unless you count the weeds... oh, and the rocks... the leaves...and the random toys... yeah, we could totally use the Spider Man slip and slide :)

nic said...

Jen--thanks! The arrangement is editing software. I use Digital Photo Professional (which is the software that came with my camera), and also Paint Shop Pro X. PSPX is fairly cheap and great for the hobby photographer. And yes, you can print the images just as they appear. :)

Kim--seriously. :)

Em--Alas, I didn't have Crocodile Mile. (Just another thing to add to my mountain of proof that I was deprived as a child...LQTM...)

Melissa--my entire lawn is a series of dips and bumps and grooves and slopes...not a flat, level spot in sight...

My Trendy Tykes said...


I like that Spidey slip n slide !