14 July 2007

The OOTP review

Well, it was short.

Or at least it felt that way to me. But I suppose that's what happens when one must cram a vast amount of story into two hours of movie: you end up with the Cliffs Notes version of the novel.

Still (or maybe because of it), the drama/tension level sustained a formidable momentum, the action scenes and special effects were breathtaking, and the few quieter moments felt all the sweeter...like coming up for air in the midst of all that violent chaos.

I do feel like the inherent themes, the inner tension, the character growth of the novel went largely unplumbed. The movie felt skinny, if that makes any sense. Skinny, but beautiful.

Either way, a definite must-see in my book.

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Melissa said...

I would really like to see this movie... and I think I do know what you mean about it being "skinny"... sometimes I wish they would break each book into parts... make two movies for each of the bigger books.