31 July 2007

and now we pause for a moment of transparency

Some days are perfect.

And then there are days when all I'm doing is treading water, expending crazy amounts of energy just to keep my chin above the surface.

I'd like to be diving, slicing through ocean, propelling toward some unseen destination on the far horizon.

And I can't ever decide if the thing to be gleaned here is contentment in the treading...because I really do recognize that as far as treading water goes, I'm pretty lucky. I'm planted in the most beautiful phase of life. Or is it that I have these driving passions because God intends that I do something with them?

I know, I know. Same old internal struggle, different Tuesday. But it's where I'm at today, so there you go.


Morgan said...

You took the words right out of my head...only, more eloquently communicated. You aren't alone, friend.

amelia said...

Nic you are the most articulate woman I have ever met....

I feel like I am there with you...only my chin is actually below the water surface.


Michelle said...

God Nic, I feel the same way sometimes. Your writing is beautiful.


Jorth said...

Har, I feel exactly the same way today!

Tonya said...


I knew it...You are GORGEOUS and Brillant! I love your pic up there. So fun to finally put an image ya, my friend!

*elle* looks just like you!