26 May 2007

Just saying.

It's a sad day indeed when you lose a game of memory to your six-year-old.

I'm trying to chalk it up to his brilliance, but I also suspect that a bunch of my synapses have taken an early retirement.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Actually, from what my hubby studied in his neuroscience class, you're not far off! People who engage in repetitive tasks (like moms), aren't in the business of forming new neural pathways. Memory begins to slip...early onset Alzheimers looms on the horizon...ack!

I doubt you're in that much trouble, considering how much you must stretch your mind with your creative outlets, but it never hearts to try to learn something new everyday. =)

Unknown said...

Your sister-in-law's comment was, "Of course, she's lost some of her synapses! She's got four kids and a husband!"