08 May 2007


Dangit! Will you people stop running so fast? I'm trying to catch my breath here!

I guess I'm getting slower by the week because I keep getting tagged for all sorts of random joy. (That might have been sarcasm but it was not, I assure you, complaining. Ahem.)

The fantastic Linda and Amelia tagged me to do a seven things meme. I did a six things back in January, and I figure that's close enough. Right? No? Well, here it is anyway for the curious and brave among you: Click here at your own peril risk.

Alright, so seven new things. Hmmmn. Usually I think I'm terribly intriguing until I'm asked to share seven things about me that no one knows but might actually want to know and...



...nope, nothing juicy. But that's never held me back before, so why start now, eh? We'll just begin a list and see how it goes.

1. In fifth/sixth grade my nick-name was She-ra, Princess of Power. Yes, some of you already know this, and if you were in my GT class you had something to do with this (yeah, um...thanks). So you know how you hear about the girl who peaked in high school? Well, I'm the girl who peaked in fifth grade.

2. I only like complicated salads. And by complicated I don't mean difficult to assemble, I mean lots of stuff in it. To me, lettuce and tomatoes with vinaigrette taste like grass and tomatoes with vinaigrette. Not that I've eaten grass, but this is how I imagine its flavor. I need to overwhelm the essence-of-grass with chicken and cucumbers and carrots and black-eyed peas.

3. My brothers and I used to watch the Japanese cartoon Robotech. Sera was the coolest, followed by Lancer (aka Yellow Dancer).

4. I have progressed to the degree of civility where I wear make-up in public. Most of the time. Okay, like 60% of the time, but that's pretty good, right? (And here's a blanket apology to those of you who've witnessed the other 40%. Je suis désolé. You can send me your therapy bills later.)

5. On the subject of make-up, my overriding principal is that altogether it must take a total of 90 seconds or less to apply or I have no time for it. (Yes, I do time it.) Foundation, eyeliner, bronzing powder. And I can usually squeeze in a swipe of Chapstick for moisturizing purposes.

6. My motto for life is, How Hard Can It Be? As in, "Have you ever changed a tire before?" "Well, no, but how hard can it be?" (Sometimes I find out that the answer is, "Hmmmn. Pretty hard.")

7. For a good portion of the third grade, I had a major crush on Daniel LaRusso of The Karate Kid. Not the actual Ralph Macchio, mind you, who to me did not really exist. But I pledged undying devotion to Daniel, who was really quite a punk with temper issues, now that I look back on it.


Here's a fabulous idea for all you track stars. The next time someone tags me, could it please be for something lovely like, oh, go eat a chocolate torte.

Soak in the tub.

Read a Jane Austen novel.

All of the above.

See...now you all want to be tagged, don'tcha? Okay, okay. De, go play in the sprinklers with your kids. Loren, go to a movie. Kim, gloss your lips. :)

Now why didn't we think of this sooner?


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

That's the second time this week I've been tagged for this meme! Guess I better go do it again. =P

How hard can it be...ooo...that's got me giggling!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Lovin' the new look, by the way!

nic said...

Aw, thanks!! And hey, you don't have to re-do the meme. I'm just tagging you to gloss your lips...no further requirements! Heehee! Now that's what I call a good game of tag. :)

de_scribes said...

Can you hear me now? Did I fix this stupid bloggy thing? ACK!!! if I didn't.

Your complicated salad is cracking me up!

::runs off to go a-sprinklin' with the kiddies::


nic said...

Yay! Thou hast appeased the snarky comment gods. :)

My Trendy Tykes said...

OH, I have to have a ton of stuff on my salad too, She-ra!


Morgan said...

Very nice collection of random facts!

Thank you for your comment on my blog..."ellipses" was eluding me the other night while posting...we'll be OCD stricken together, LOL!

Michelle said...

I love your blog--makes me giggle :0)
I love complicated salads too--but only if someone else makes it for me ;0)

Tonya said...

nic...you are so clever & witty. I love coming here to read such fun stuff. Is there a pic of you posted anywhere? With the way those kiddos of yours look, I am sure you are a knockout...

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your Blog!!! And I agree whole heartedly about makeup - 90 seconds or LESS!! ~Jen

nic said...

Linda...um...you're not *really* going to remember to keep calling me that, right? Okay? Please say no? :)

Morgan...oh yes, we may have to form an OCD support group.

Michelle...yeah, it is kinda nice when you don't have to do the work, eh? Just as long as they leave the dressing on the side...

Tonya...there's a reason you haven't seen a picture of me...LOL. Maybe someday!

Hey Jen! I love your blog, too. Isn't funny how some days we can't even squeeze in 90 seconds? :)