09 May 2007

Donations, please

This game is jolly good fun, and mindless to boot.

Google your name plus the word needs in quotes (ie "Nicole needs") and see what you come up with.

Here are my gems:

"Nicole needs a taco." (Yep, and shortly after reading that I made a batch of 'em. Oh, the power of suggestion.)

"Nicole needs serious intervention." (This is true.)

"Nicole needs a boob job." (Again, true, but do we really need to point this out?)

"Nicole needs a MAN. She needs a sweaty, musky, hulky, handy, brute of a man like Daniel Craig." (Not sure about this Daniel Craig fellow, but I do have a man, thanks for your concern.)

"Nicole needs a new page." (Um...what?)

"Nicole Needs a Bath." (Perhaps. Can they really smell me all the way out in cyberspace?)

"NICOLE NEEDS TO GET OUT" (Why, I'm not sure, but if it's in all caps I suppose it's serious business. Perhaps we'll take a walk today.)

"Nicole needs to take some vitamins at least." (This was probably written during the 36 months I was pregnant, where I remembered to take my prenatal vitamin an average of oh, about twice a month.)(My kids, by the way, turned out fine.)

"Nicole needs to grow up" (Well, I suppose, but can it hold off another ten years?)

"Nicole needs to be in rehab for 180 days." (I admit there are quite a few things about me in serious need of rehabilitation, but I'm a little busy right now.)(And six months? Really? Do they have internet access?)

Who knew how much entertainment could spawn from sharing a name with Anna Nicole, Nicole Richie, and Kidman.

In fact, I'm highly considering changing my name to "Paris" or "Britney" or "Madonna"...


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Once again, I'm laughing out loud at my computer screen. Alone. In the basement.

I'm so doing this!

p.s. don't hate me, but the package came back because I wrote the address wrong - eep! I'm redoing it and sending out again. Sorry! I threw in some extra chocolate...you know, as interest.

amelia said...

Oh Nic yours are even better than mine! My fave of my own was "Amelia doesn't need bigger assets".....I beg to differ.


nic said...

Kim--ooh, chocolate with interest. I am loving the sound of that! Don't you sometimes wish you could stick a bunch of chocolate in a bag, leave it in the cupboard for a few hours, and return to find that it has reproduced?

Amelia--bigger assets--LOL! What is it with other people discussing our personal issues?? ;)