14 April 2007

Thoughts du jour (and in no particular order)

1. In London, our hotels (The Chamberlain, Sanctuary House) had this fabulous Cadbury hot chocolate...much like molten chocolate: creamy, dense, not too sweet. Quite similar to the churro-dipping chocolate in Madrid, come to think of it. Anyway, I wish a few packets had hitched a ride home with me. I've triple-checked my luggage for stowaways just in case, but no luck so far.

2. This photo was taken in my backyard several weeks ago, when it used to be spring. We have since reverted back to winter without my consent.

3. I am coveting these ivory crocheted leggings over at Free People. Unfortunately (fortunately?) nothing will come of it since they cost $38, and I do not buy $38-leg-decorations.

4. I am miserably failing at this no-complaining thing. I mean, I don't do outright complaints, but my humor and general approach to life tends to have that passive-aggressive negative thing going on...I like to call it satire and irony, but that probably all falls under the broad sweep of "complaints." Oh pish.

5. London pictures coming soon.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I've mastered the art of the bemused complaint. I catch myself using them on Neil all the time, and it makes me feel yeuchy and manipulative.

I want to be one of those smiling laugh happy people who makes other people glad to be alive, you know? I don't want to end up as the cynical type who rolls their eyes when people say the sun will come up tomorrow.

gillian said...

I feel like the old cynical one.. but people tell me I am the other, happy one that makes people smile. Go figure.

Anyhoo...got going on Kimberly's comment there.

I love the list here! LONDON! I DREAM of going there! One day... soon!! I hope! ;)

And those leggings are great! But I agree, hard to justify $38 (plus shipping) great! LOL!

Can't wait for more London pix!!!!!