25 April 2007

choses préférées

...aka "favorite things" in case you're not feeling particularly French today.

Eden on a cracker. This key lime marmalade is made in London but available in the international foods aisle of your local Meijer. How handy is that?

Pink lady apples. (Funny how something as wholesome as an apple can have a name that sounds so risque.) Sweet and tart, like pink lemonade, only fresher.

Rain drops on glass windows. I love these sort of days, the damp greyness of them, the cold that calls out sweatshirts and lounge pants and house slippers, mornings of working play-dough and puzzles with my babes.


Denny said...

I was not sharing your enjoyment of the raindrops today, as got drenched by them as ran in and out. I don't know about the Eden stuff, but I may have to try it. But a good tart apple is truly enjoyable.

I would add a good hot cup of "good" coffee on a day like today as something to enjoy.

amelia said...

Pink lady apples are the only kind I like!! Great choice.

So I finished Blue Like Jazz.....*sigh* I loved it, I read lots of it a few times over just to drink in the writing, I think I could be best friends with Don Miller, but he would hate me. LOL

Now I need to find another book to read *diving into my stash!*


kris said...

Every since you told me about Pink Lady apples, I always look for them. They even rival Granny Smith for me.