18 January 2007

the world according to Em

Em: "Mom, do we get any more babies?"

Me: "Nope, honey. I don't think so."

Em: "So that's all? Just three boys and a sister?"

Me: "Yes, aren't we lucky? Three boys and a girl."

Em: "Mom! [Elle] is not a gril! She's a sister!"


Denny said...

Spoken like a true older brother. Can't argue with his logic. Just wondering, does that mean that Bee and Zee are not boys since they are brothers?

de_scribes said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

So cute.

kris said...

Hee , hee, hee! It's true though, you know you are not a girl either since you are a mom.

de_scribes said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

So cute.

Katie Lewis said...

found your (so) encouraging blog and decided to spend the afternoon looking through old posts.
love that though little M isn't a baby, he's another brother to add to your family. did you ever expect that back in 2007?
praying hard for your family and all adjustments that will continue to be made as everyone gets settled in with new brother.