16 April 2013



every year i rally my best efforts in an attempt to enjoy spring. i'm a firm believer in growth and color and beginning again, but ninety five percent of this season ends up drippy and cold, and it plays hard to get in the worst way. ah, spring. i five percent love you.


tiny blossoms


as i type, the blue of the sky has been cottoned over with bright grey, and the world is wet and trembling with thunder. but still the trees look like this, bare-fingered branches asking for God. i'm there with them in the bald reaching, a beggar too needy to be tamed by fear or shame. Jesus, Son of david, have mercy on me.

i know what i'd like Him to do, to tidy and heal and fix our right-nows. but we also stand sure in the hope of life unending, and we want Him more than breath itself, so please God. give us You. at the beginning and end, we want You.

new growth


in other news, i am now homeschooling our youngest child. the shenanigans at school reached their saturation point, so now he has the unparalleled joy of mom as his teacher. (it is hard to slip by with sub-par efforts when your teacher knows exactly what you’re capable of, plus she lives at your house.) all in all, the days have been quite peaceful, and that's how i can TELL some of y'all have been busting your kneecaps in prayer. thank you.


My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness.

and we are, still. pinning all our hopes on Him.


Karen Siddiqi said...

I just love how refreshed I feel after reading your blog. I will pray for leaps-n-bounds with homeschooling (but not so much you can't keep up! ha!)

JoAnn Hallum said...

oh I have been struggling with the not nowness of imperfection. I wish he would hurry up and make me perfect! Thank you for the reminder...all I want is Him. Amen.

elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos as usual. :) I pray that God's wisdom and help is evident to you and through you as you teach your little guy.

Kendal Privette said...

the warm. she seems so long in coming. every. year. but always, she comes.

Dennis and Debbie Doughty said...

I have always said that Kijabe weather is spring and fall all year round! You will love it!

Brandee Shafer said...

Ha - the bald beggar. That's what I call my Baby Chip. I want for you to squeeze him; he will make you feel better in 3 seconds. I really love that last photo. And homeschooling! Look at how brave and smart you are!

lulu said...

those shots melt my soul. thanks, nic. wow, to the change with homeschooling. wonder how long he'll take to realize it can be a lot shorter than traditional school time if he listens carefully and gives his best.:) less than 2 months left, too--yay, for mom. but does it feel like there's not "enough" time to get ready? july now doesn't seem so far away. prayers for africa.

Emily Wierenga said...

oh friend. this prayer. i utter a resounding amen. may the Lord give you strength as you homeschool, and as you wait on him.

Katarina said...

I am sure he is loving having you as teacher too:))
Adore your photos, as usual, I can almost feel the smell of daffodils and hyacinths:))xx

Katie said...

love this Nicki!! it is exactly how I am feeling today, "God, give me you" thank you for sharing your feelings! it really spoke to me this morning. love you!

Gina said...

Love you friend! Your always so real. You really have an amazing heart!

hannah singer said...

pinning my hopes there, too.
love you! and shall continue the prayers.


Heather said...

Amen to all of it.
And, I love the word, "shenanigans" :)