12 December 2012



our oldest boy had a birthday sunday, and i'm still caught off-guard by the way fifteen years can gallop by in the span of three breaths. how is he this tall? and clever and mini adult-ish? unsettling, i tell you, but i love this kid to pieces and it's downright enjoyable to get to know him in all his teenagery wonder.



his birthday was a simple affair; B is classically low-maintenance and said whatever's easiest when i asked what sort of cake/birthday sweet he was hoping for. we settled on vanilla cake (the boxed kind), cream cheese frosting (the tubbed kind), chocolate sprinkles (these guys actually came in boxes too, intriguingly enough).

at barely fifteen, B is responsible and kind and funny and forgiving, and still kid enough to talk your eardrums off when placed in a moving vehicle with a slew of older teens. it's heartening (and sometimes convicting) to see him speak and move in a way that is clearly fueled by a well-watered love for Christ.

we're blessed beyond reckoning.

in other news, i have got to get with the program in terms of christmas. being out of commission for the two weeks following thanksgiving has wreaked havoc on my preparedness and gifting plans. i seem to remember a certain brother getting me a 7-eleven slushy one year for my birthday, being as how that was the only place still open. that particular idea is looking more ingenious by the minute.

so i am off, my friends. and take a gander at this. makes me restless in the best way.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, B!

Nic, that video was amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us. I can't wait to see your own adventures here on your blog. :-)

Kendal Privette said...

oh. just oh.

Southern Gal said...

Happy birthday to your boy. Those easy going, laid back boys. They are a special breed.

lulu said...

that video--so tangible, so practical, so good! yay! happy birthday to your oldest!! amazing.

rahel said...

Happy birthday to your big boy... well more of a young man by now :o)
I think the idea with the 7-eleven slushy could come handy for me too... except that I have too many expectations on myself to always make something myself... or shall I do the slushy myself ;o)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I look at him and see a bit of Future Silas. Is that strange??? I'm telling you...