20 November 2012

good folks.

one of the bestest parts of my jaunt back home was the chance to see my long-time friend emi.

we met in preschool, where she jumped (fell? was pushed?) off the swings and i purportedly brought her juice. i remember none of this, but i come off looking pretty good, so i'll take it.

[i have no explanation for what i'm doing in this shot, but for the record, i was actually only three here. and i brought people juice. probably.]

em and i had a couple hours free on my last saturday there, so we took her kiddos to say hello to the sea turtles at lani's, then headed into haleiwa for some iconic shave ice. there's a rule about oahu and shave ice: they don't let you leave the island if you haven't consumed your fair share.

this was my only fifteen minutes on the sand, so don't be too jealous. you have full permission, however, to be jealous of my time with emi, because that girl still loves me after all those years of drama and angst and helmet hair. that's some serious friendship.

speaking of friendship, my girl hannah has just designed bunches of happy earrings and necklaces in her shop to benefit a couple missionary families (including ours!) and relief efforts. (click on her 'give back' section to find these guys.) God has heaped such good folks around me on this trek to kenya, and i'm grateful.

and you. every single one of you. what a gift to have such friends, both close and in far-flung corners of this giant ball of earth. i'm overflowing.

happy thanksgiving, dears, whether you're american or not. :)


Unknown said...

oh I want to go to hawaii now! GAH! your photos are amazing.
I totally believe you would be one to bring juice. I would probably be one to push. Rats.
Also, why are your teachers so trim and fit? is it just me?

Farmgirl Paints said...

girl! these are breathtaking. please say that is NOT the only amount of sand and sea time you got?? that would be a travesty!!! i love hawaii with ounce of my being. so beyond beautiful.

Brandee Shafer said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Love to all of you!

happygirl said...

Oh my friend, I know that jealousy is a sin (I think Moses called it coveting), but since you gave me permission, I'll tell you. I'm so jealous. Gorgeous pics. Wonderful memories of a dear friend and a long friendship. I love old friends. They are the BEST! Happy Thanksliving!

grey rose (they/them) said...

well. i suddenly feel the need to get to hawaii. asap.

happiest thanksgiving, nic!
SO grateful for you!

Heather said...

Happy Thanksgiving, American friend! I, too, have friends who've loved me through "snap-on hair" (as we call it) days, lol! Love your photos and good to see you back :)

Eden Marie said...

beautiful images! gotta love the childhood photos. they're always the best!

amy luella said...

beautiful pictures. sweet, sweet story of you and emi. great prek shot!