16 October 2012


L turned eight two weekends back, and in lieu of a friend-party she opted for a day with mom&co. we baked early morning cinnamon streusel muffins, which she ended up not crazy about ('it turns out i'm not actually a cinnamon person'), then fashioned a birthday crown and took a trip to the farmer's market. our yield from the market: sweet rolls, peppers, a square of naan.

back home, we snipped and pasted fairy wings for the fall party at church, played a game of twins memory (where L creamed everyone) and kicked back with pizza and a movie, living-room-picnic style.

but back to the twins memory game for a second. i love the pieces, they're wood blocks printed in germany, but the game itself makes me crazy. for one thing, they're fraternal twins, boy-girl duos, and while most of the matches are obvious, with a few i can't tell who belongs together. so the whole time L is saying, ooh! i know that one! and i'm all, how on earth can i find this guy's match when i don't even know who he goes with?

so this is L, with her tower of matches twice the size of everyone else's. for the record: i did come in second. it was hard, people.

dear L,

at eight, you are a heap of personality. you're an expert talker, you love to sing, you have a robust repertoire of corny aunt kristin jokes. you've a flair for the dramatic and you sweep about the house belting out operas in full costume. you adore reading. crafts. baking and silly poems and painting rocks and making things.

you're the lone girl in a sea of brothers, and though no one ever bends to your mothering attempts, you remain happily undaunted. you're often quick to share, you love to help, and i see sprigs of kindness and courage pushing through. i'm praying you'll be so in love with Jesus you can't even see straight, and that this love will spill out big on the people around you.

you're SO much fun and i'm glad for the years i have you close.

also, you cannot date till you are thirty. or married. or BOTH, both is better.

i love you from here to ever,


Amanda said...

Wow, your blog is so heartwarming! Your love for your family and for the Lord is palpable.

Emily Jane said...

Oh Nic...our little girls are growing up so fast! Isn't this a great age though? Me and Taya are having lots of fun!

Farmgirl Paints said...

she's a doll nic. my little chick is getting ready to turn 9 thurs. i love/hate them growing up. it's a weird push and pull feeling. i want the same things for my girlie. especially to love the Lord til it spills over. that's a perfect prayer over her:)

Brandee Shafer said...

I love her and wish her a VERY happy belated birthday. Also, I dreamed about you last night. You were teaching/encouraging me to unclog a garbage disposal. What, pray tell, do you think that means?

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, L! When you do start dating at 30, after you're married, the boys will swoon for your beautiful eyes. ;-)

amy luella said...

thanks for sharing the specialness of one of your little people. she is little-ish but she is already is so big with so much goodness. so much of it's God and so much of it is the good care of her parents and family, too. that game sounds fun! a good memory game with a twist.

Mindy said...

Visiting your blog from FPFG's recommendation and so glad I did. What beautiful pictures! I hope to one day learn enough to post a decent one but I am a beginner for sure...I love your mention of God's relentless grace. It IS relentless and He is oh so faithful.

happygirl said...

Happy happy belated birthday to L. Eight is GREAT. She's growing up quick. Savor this time. :)

Jorth said...

Happy birthday dear girl!

Oh, that your L and my Tyger could meet. Imagine how loud the opera belting would get with the two of them in the same room!

Jena Webber said...

AW!! Sweetness. My little one is about to turn 8 also. She loves making things also. We'd have a regular disaster if we got them together.