24 September 2012


i rang my dad this past weekend. he speakerphoned me as usual, and we filled a good ten minutes with daily miscellany, a thick layer of slack-key guitar in his half of the background. and somewhere around minute eight he mentioned how he checks my blog first thing every morning.

well, yikes.

that's like thirteen mornings of dashed hopes laced together--you could string half a crumpled lei of disenchantment right there.

so i've no idea what i'm about to post, but by golly i'm blogging.

this past week the older three kiddos spent hours of boyish bliss punching out and assembling these paper robots from aunt kristin. [for the record: i suggested craft glue, but the boys went with scotch tape, which is faster and unfailingly classy.]

the kit comes with a fighting ring and a pair of wind-up mechanisms that wheel the robots forward into battle, but i think the boys' favorite part was the careful construction and reading about each bot's profile in the combat manual.

ie super bot's strengths included 'mad public relations skills' and one of dozer's weaknesses was 'union mandated lunch breaks.' the boys read these to each other in their best television voice-overs, then dissolved in gales of hilarity.

i love it when my nerdish leanings rub off on the progeny. :)

then saturday morning bigger m and i rattled out through the backroads, searching for a particular cross country meet. we totally went to the wrong place twice but i didn't mind one bit: the day was all sky and gilded fields and sun winking down. and i know we live in the Dead Center of Nothing's Here, but sometimes the effortless beauty of this place can rake your lungs windswept and ragged.

grateful today:
for brisk, moody mornings
for hot chocolate with my younger littles
for giant pumpkins
for the wonderment of new parents
for friends who ask
and for a God with wide and steady hands.

ps good morning, dad. :)


lauren said...

yeah for nic's dad. my hero. :) whatever it takes to get your voice and pictures on my computer... :) those are fabulous robots... i love a robot with a snarky sense of humor. ;)

Brandee Shafer said...

Blog for your dad. Absolutely. I feel slightly disappointed that my dad doesn't care to read my blog. If my children blogged, I'd be hanging on every word: especially if they lived far away, but even if they didn't. I say more in blogged words than I do in real life, I think. The real truth gets typed into white boxes. So strange, to open myself wide and find: the people brave and interested enough to look are often those who've never even looked me in the face.

kendal said...

oh....love those robots!

happygirl said...

Sweet daughter, blogging for dad. I'm always happy when I see 70 piggies in my reading list. I wish my mom read my blog. I think she'd learn even more about me. :)

Shannan Martin said...

These dads, they slay us. I think half of my hits are thanks to dear ol' dad's refresh button.

ps - Missing you.

amy luella said...

awesomeness. you blogging for your dad. robots and brothers creating and laughing together. the light in those green leaves!! good stuff! thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Dad! I'm glad your Dad hurried you up, Nic! I look all the time, too! :-) Your photos alone would keep me coming back, but I do love reading your stories as well. Somehow I missed your other September post until now, though... oops!

That set of robots cracked me up, so cute! Your boys are cute, too.

Jennifer said...

I think that is really special that you Dad enjoys reading your blog. I'm sure he's so proud of you. Love all your photos..really cool robots.


Heather said...

Hello, Nic's dad. Nice meeting you here :)
So great, Nic, that in posting nothingness, it all becomes such somethingness. Loved reading today.

K said...

hi, nic's dad. i, too, am grateful for the Father's big hands. where would i be if He wasn't big enough to hold me?

Katarina said...

Hello to Nic's dad!!!!You must be so proud to have a daughter like her!!!Greetings from the heart of the Europe:)

elizabeth said...

Count me in, right along with your Dad, my days much brighter when I see a post from you pop up in my reader. :)