23 July 2012

baseball and toothy smiles.


thanks to the giant kindness of someone who wishes to remain nameless, B has sailed through the fjord of orthodontia and arrived on the shores of some killer straight teeth.


no braces

while he sported braces, he was a bit hesitant to flash a toothy smile. so it's something like sunrise after a two year sleep to see his unabashed pearly grin. thank you, Person Who Takes Such Good Care of Us. we're overwhelmed.


in other news, M won minor league tickets from our library's summer reading program. we cashed them in thursday night, and after a bit of a drive and an hour forty minute storm delay, we got to watch us some baseball.







18july10 copy

M cheered with gusto and protested questionable calls and has all the makings of a Quality Baseball Fan. what a great kid.


now if we can just manage to squeeze in some camping, old-fashioned milkshakes and a trip to wakarusa, i think we can call it a summer. what sorts of shenanigans have you all been up to?


happygirl said...

That is a beautiful smile. I always notice people's teeth. It's a weird thing of mine. The ballgame looked FUN. Lucky M.

Kim said...

oh i love smiles and summer. we've been to the county fair and the ethiopian mehaber. the oldest son can't handle too much stimulation, though. *sigh* i want camping and a baseball game and a trip to the amusement park and a date night with my hubby. i'm being reminded constantly that isn't really about me. as much as i want it to be....

Heather said...

I loved the new smiles when my daughter got her braces off too. Recently, the hygenist stated that she's sooo glad Meg is not into hockey! ha ha.
Great baseball photos, Nic. Looks like a grand time :)
Yep, camping coming up soon here, too--our favourite time of year.

Brandee Shafer said...

That straight-teethed kid is your mini me.

grandmajodyo said...

Um-m-m when you said Wakarusa, you really meant Morenci, righ? :-)

kendal said...

what great photos, nic. i wish you could come over and photograph my life....we have gardened and beached and read this summer and here in the nC mountains, it is back to school time. i go back next week:(

lulu and family said...

love those summer freckles i see on your boy!! we are in the midst of 2 somewhat packed weeks of swimming lessons for all 3.=)

lulu and family said...

i think that is the first smile i have seen on your oldest. he looks wonderful!

lulu and family said...

...full out smile, anyway. and i think this shall finally be my last comment.=)

Sadie Dear said...

Gorgeous kids! And thank God for orthodontists (this, from a 31-year old woman facing braces in a hopefully soon-like way).

Katarina said...

He has a perfect smile and loving your photo collages, they are always fantastic!!!xxx

Emily Wierenga said...

oh, he has such a gorgeous smile.

Jennifer said...

Now that's a killer smile...he's definitely going to melt the hearts of his lady friends. :-) As always, your photos are so gorgeous!! Hope you are well.


hannah singer said...

beautiful smile. wow! handsome fella.
what a fun game!! almost like i'm there, lovely photos.

think of you often, and pray. wish we could grab a coffee together! xo