29 June 2012

st joe

last week about two-thirds of our crew jetted up north for a speedy trip to see the mister's sister&her hubby and my pals from our loony college days. these are the people who feel like home to me, and i can never quite get enough of them. (ps shannan and shelley, you two are also firmly on that list, like it or not. :) i solemnly swear that we shall swing up again to hang with you and your beautiful families.)

we spent the day in st joseph drenched in so much sky and lake you almost ached with blue, with splash fountains and swaths of sand, pirate ships and waffle bowls. the unflappable aunt kristin burrowed in the sand with my kidfolk, and gave me some lovely time off from mothering. she's grand, that girl.

i always love me some little beach towns, but this one takes the cake. st joseph is just the right amount touristy, wearing neatened lawns and surrey bikes and prices that make me woozy.

also, now would be a good time to insert a Helpful Hint: just because it's breezy-cool-seventies does not actually mean you should forego the sunscreen. i am still recovering from last week's crispy. oy.

Helpful Hint Number Two: if you're into pizza (and if you're not, we might have to rethink your friendship privileges), silver beach pizza makes cheesy pies that may very well make you cry. or sing. likely both. go at 4:30 on a weekday just as the crowd pours in and you'll get a table in less than a jiffy.

the Helpful Hints continue: if you later traipse about town to walk off eating-your-weight's-worth-in-cheese, you should maybe not stop for a rest smack-dab in front of kilwin's. and you should especially not pop into kilwin's 'just to quick look around,' because the second that waffle cone scent hits your lungs, you'll be crying uncle.

all in all, one of the sweetest days we've spent this summer.

dear st joseph,

you are so much sun and loveliness. let's do this again please, and soon.

the many owenses


Farmgirl Paints said...

wow girl you captured it all. the epitome of summer fun.

Carolyn said...

Oy! I Love St. Joe and got to revisit via your post today. My brother used to live on the bluff a stones throw from downtown. It was always a delight to visit him there. Thanks for the memories.

Courtney said...

I also LOVE St. Joe! It just seems so peaceful to be there and Silver Beach Pizza...you are making me hungry for pizza...not any pizza but silver beach! Thanks for sharing & next time we are up there we are definitely going to try Kilwins. Love your post you just capture everything as it really is!

Brandee Shafer said...

What an amazing-looking place! I'm such a lake girl. Love the photos of your little miss, especially: her arms outstretched in the top row, her legs crossed like a real lady's toward the bottom. You should come south for a visit!

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and Wildflower Creative said...

what a gorgeous place! lovely captures...as always. :)

Heather said...

Gorgeous and looking quite relaxing.
Glad you were able to enjoy a break.

Unknown said...

How glorious, it looks like a wonderful time.

kendal said...

beautiful! i want to go to there!

Shannan Martin said...

Silver Beach is the BEACHIEST! You make her look extra-grand. Love your pics and so glad you caught some down-time!

Katarina said...

Beautiful place, brilliant pics:)))Happy summer!!!:)))

amy luella said...

perfect. summer. day. delicious in everyway!

Joy said...

oh my goodness that was all kinds of fun.

that pirate ship made me swoon a bit. they get me every single time.

glad you had a chance to breathe in some fresh air.

grey rose (they/them) said...

glorious. pretty sure i need to meet st. joe.

xo love you!