02 June 2012


the past few days i've been coughing in the sort of way where you fear for the future of your lungs, but as a Mother of Many Children on Summer Vacation, i'm not actually allowed to entertain illness.

fortunately, the kiddos have been pretty content to lie low this first week, adventuring in the backyard while i slog through mounds of kleenex and computer work. they are (mostly) low-maintenance, these youngish folk, adept at serving up family room forts and dart gun battles with lots of daring escapes.

meanwhile, little em and i had a conversation about our next-year-move:

little em: mom, we are going to africa?
me: yep.
little em: (face lighting) TODAY?
me: oh. no, not for a while. next summer, after kindergarten is done.
little em: (still beaming)

but i got to thinking about this, and here's the thing: little em's memory of africa is molded to the shape and tenor of his years at the care centers. so in his rendering of things, africa = tv and toys all day, punctuated by occasional cake. he is going to be a wee bit chagrined to find that he still has to brush his entire mouthful of teeth and attend school and glare at his green vegetables. i'll maybe let someone else break the news to him.

also meanwhile, elle's been honing her graduation skills. although this is all kinds of cute, i am thankful i have another eleven years to steel my innards for the Actual Thing.

[this was her first attempt at constructing a cap. she pitched this one and rescaled proportions and ended up with the pinkish one up yonder, but the original? is still my favorite.]

so clearly, we are off to another graduation ceremony tonight. what manner of weekend fun do you have planned?


Joy said...

we're forgoing graduation for a wedding this eve.

kids have an all night sitter and us big folks have keys to a room across town.

it should be lovely.

hope tomorrow holds less kleenex for you.

Brandee Shafer said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon! Jim's not feeling well, either. Some sort of virus. He's not so much coughing as snotting, also feeling achy and weak. I'm sad for both of you; June's finally here! I love the graduation caps. Tell her to write her valedictorian's speech; that should keep her busy for awhile. Lots of love.

kendal said...

sorry you're sick for the beginning of summer. and of course your children. so beautiful.

Farmgirl Paints said...

oh i hope you feel better. a summer cold is the worst. my little one and honey are getting over one. nothing like yours though. love your pics as always. that bokeh or whatever it is in the background is breathtaking. i can't wait to see your pics of africa. it's gonna knock my socks off and make me want to jump a plane for a visit. i just know it.

happygirl said...

Get well soon. Summer colds are the worst. :)

Jorth said...

Oh no, summer colds are the worst. Get better soon!

amy luella said...

i hope you are feeling better by now. good call on maybe letting someone else break that news to little em.=)

Unknown said...

This is our last week of school. I am so sorry that you were sick the first week in! : ( I love that your daughter is excited about going to Africa. She has the best smile. Totally and completely heart warming!

Mommy Emily said...

i think you should crawl into bed and get your kids to make you some chicken noodle soup, friend. take care of yourself, and that cold, okay? i wish i could come over and help, somehow. loving you. e.

Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

sorry you've been sick. hoping it's all long gone by now and you are currently lounging by a pool.

as for the memories of africa, my son seems to have much harsher memories of care center life. he is in a 'reject everything ethiopia' mood of late which is making me incredibly sad. we've been battling hard against this mind set and praying it is short lived ...

Heather said...

Just brightens my day reading your writing. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.