17 June 2012

the luckiest.

it was 1985 and we headed up the street, dad in his fancy shirt and me with my hair careful-combed. my brownie troop (plus a whole lot of freshly spruced fathers) flocked to ms kissinger's garage-turned-ballroom, a melange of giggles and aftershave that signaled dad-daughter date night.

we twisted spaghetti and sang father songs that started off shy but ended at optimum volume, and so much would come later, all the teenage snark and boys and growing up and away, but it was 1985 and i only had eyes for my father.

you loved me something heroic then, dad, and somehow you've never stopped. happy father's day. i'm so glad you're mine.


K said...

oh, nic. when i see you've posted, i just get so excited. that photo of your father is perfect. i got a bit weepy this morning thinking of how blessed i am to have been raised by such a dedicated, compassionate father. and now i'm raising children with one. i'm too lucky, really. thank You, sweet Jesus.

Joy said...

That was super sweet.

Hope your Dad enjoyed his day.


Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

Love this!!!!

Mommy Emily said...

you have such a tender way of loving through your words, nic. i'm a bit jealous of the relationship you had with your father--jealous in a good way :) in that i'm happy for you. and happy for the relationship my dad and i have, now. love to you.

Brandee Shafer said...

Your 1985 face looks like your today face, only smaller. I'm so glad you had that kind of daddy, also that you still have him.

amy luella said...