08 May 2012


wedged between a rash of thunderstorms, we've had these sticky afternoons that sing of summer.


sunday we trekked a few miles on the greenway, the kids discussing the finer points of killer bees and why smiling in passport photographs is oft discouraged.

'twas a bit of a toasty walk, so we picked up a carton of thin mint ice cream on the way home, then doused ourselves in the backyard sprinkler.






something about the heat makes me crave all manner of salads, so dinner was a hearty cobb, which ended up a bit topping-heavy. the kids braved the diced avocados and decided they were not so fond of the green fellas outside of a nice guacamole, but as my eleven year old so sagely stated: well, i think we're about to get good at trying things we aren't sure about.




i don't know if the recent warmth means summer's going to be intense or just early, but either way i'm near dizzy with this rush of blue and sun.

feels like a bright snatch of eternity with a God who gives mighty good gifts.


Farmgirl Paints said...

oh you make it all look like so much fun! those were incredible.

kendal said...

we're about to get good at trying things we aren't sure about....salad, or life? love.

happygirl said...

Nothing says summer like sprinklers, hoses, wet kids and summer salads. LOVE your pictures. :)

Jorth! said...

I love your family!

Joy Kinard said...

that is a wise little fella you have there.

praise the Lord for blue and warm and good memories to come!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Come thou, Summer. I shan't utter a bad word about you.

ps - rad pics

Ostriches Look Funny said...

that salad looks delightful, as does the ice cream and the sprinklers and the children and my soul almost exploded just then, because really...sumMER.

lulu and family said...

love all those smiles. "why smiling in passport photographs is oft discouraged" made me laugh. and those 11 yr. old words were so sweet and touching...especially in light of what is ahead of you all in about a year's time. so sweet hearing from your end!

Katarina said...

Gorgeous!!!Those almost pointillistic pics are TDF!!!!xxx

emily wierenga said...

a bright snatch of eternity... that is you, in a nutshell, friend. don't you love this summer weather? it makes me want to do anything but sit inside. i so wish you lived closer so my kids and yours could run through sprinklers together. and these photos? incredible...

Southern Gal said...

I'm loving your pictures as always. The perspective screams "artist". You are such a fantastic photographer.

Janelle-A Story of Grace said...

Beautiful words and pictures and, yeah, everything!