10 April 2012

surfacing for air.


i duly apologize for managing to fall off the side of the planet again. it seems i got a bit carried away with all the spring breaking and processing wedding photos and a week in georgia's peachtree city (more on that to come), but i am very much alive and happily ticking along.

one of the things God's been teaching me is to slow the heck down and be with the good folk around me, get involved in their story. especially when it comes to heartache, i have this internal compulsion to Solve Everything And Move Forward, when mostly what's needed is to be someone's quiet company.


we did the georgia things sans kiddos, thanks to the mister's courageous mother who took mighty good care of our crew. i suspect little em honeymooned with grandma (as he does with anyone new), so then we came back home and all our hard-won relational progress had flitted off to never never land. the past couple days have been a bit bumpy, but with enough consistency and a generous helping of grace, i imagine we'll relocate our groove.

in other news, i think i've disclosed my status as a fair weather runner, yes? well, unfortunately for me, this spring has been uncharacteristically fair, so sunday i headed out for my inaugural near-death experience run. except this time i was actually smart enough to snail-pace myself so as not to dry heave at the first mile marker. i really do sometimes learn things.


also, soccer season is once again upon us, and except for the fact that these small people have entirely too much energy, i am awfully fond of my team. i also have high hopes of winning a game or two this time around, but if not, we shan't lose heart: the post-game snack makes defeat but a hazy memory.

anyhow, i've missed you all something fierce. i'm woefully behind on life and things are only picking up speed, so if i owe you an email or phone call or blog visit, give me a friendly nudge or leave me a link to something going on with you.


ps so these ferny guys. i love them. one week they're fisted bulbs of new green, and six days later they've fanned knee-high. i never tire of photographing them, and secretly? i don't think they mind.


Small Town Joy: said...

I did miss you. I've been keeping an eye out for you in the meantime.

So glad you had some time alone and away. Refuel. Retreat. Regroup. Re-enter.

Have a great week!

kendal said...

so good to hear you! and see your gorgeous photos. enjoy more spring!!! our soccer season is already over!?!?! but PLENTY of baseball left.

Jennifer said...

Great to hear from you....it's always good to take some time away from the blogging world and spend some quality time focusing on those we love. It's good for the soul. :-)

Gina said...

Always miss here you blog my friend! Love your little family! thanks for stopping by today on my blog!
Love ya!

Jorth! said...

Welcome back, honey!

hannah singer said...

MISSED you. love hearing all is well...and any time i run, feels near deathlike. ha.


Katarina said...

Ohhh, so sorry to hear about that running experience...that's why I practice Pilates;)
Glad you are back:))xx

Michelle said...

Well, hello! You may have paced yourself better for your inaugural spring run this year, but it wasn't anywhere as entertaining reading this year compared to last, LOL! (I shouldn't share that I took my 9 year old for a run this past week-end and just about had to crawl home myself...) Your photos, as always, are so beautiful. I'm still working towards beautiful photos like yours. :-)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

i've been a fair weather internet friend too. Life is so BUSY!
However, I'm glad I poked my nose in here to catch up and to see those BEAUTIFUL ferns. They've captured my heart. GEESH. What is with those ferns?Subtle extravagance!

lulu and family said...

i love ferns, too...and your photos of them. your time away sounds perfect, just right. of course, the updates are wonderful, whether close together or quite spread out. nice to hear you learned your lesson with spring running.=)

Brandee Shafer said...

I missed you!

Kim said...

beautiful prose, as always. i'm having high hopes for our soccer season, too. these two newest family members won't stop playing! :)

Southern Gal said...

I could just sit and stare at the photos here for hours. Always does me that way.