25 April 2012

catching up.

spring is ever a hopping time at chez owens, but this year we're positively teeming with Things That Must Get Done, Preferably Last Week. no doubt it's mostly good and necessary stuff, but my brain sure could use a secretary to keep all the crazies tidy.

 a couple updates:

-lots of y'all have asked how the kids are processing the impending move and i'd have to say: surprisingly well. one of our five does sometimes trudge along to the tune of 'i'm gonna miss my friends,' to which i can only say, me too, buddy. me too.

-way back yonder i promised to post more from dana and steve's wedding, so i am here to make good. better late than exceptionally late is my personal theme song these days.


sddill86         sddill72




sddill175a         sddill181







those are some beautiful folks.

thanks, steve and dana, for the distinct pleasure of photographing such a momentous day. you two plus God are going to shake this place up in the best way.


Farmgirl Paints said...

gorgeous. wish you would have taken our photos almost 20 years ago;)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

Wow. Sooooooo beautiful. I'm personally thankful your late instead of exceptionally late. I think it's my motto now too.

happygirl said...

So beautiful. You are so talented. I love the artistry and the story telling in these images. :)

Captain Murdock said...

beautiful folks indeed...

breathtaking photos friend!

Jerusha said...

i am drooling over those photos! great job!

Brandee Shafer said...

The photos are all brilliant, of course, but you knocked it way out the park with the door photo. I LOVE the door photo.

Joy Kinard said...

Your talent blows my mind.

You can still blog in Kenya, right?


hannah singer said...

dreamy photos. stunning even.
you know, we didn't have a photographer at our wedding, barely had a wedding :)

hope you have sweet rest tonight, and wake to the peace of christ and a big dose of JOY. xo

Katarina said...

OMG!!!Gorgeous pictures!!!!
Just read your previous post and I'm totally in shock. Wow!!!You'll never stop to amaze and inspire me.

lulu and family said...

so fun! that couple did a wonderful job with piecing together all the details, and you captured so many beauties and wonderfully unique angles of the day, nic! these images will be a treasure to look back on time and again!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness those shoes! So lovely.


emily wierenga said...

oh my goodness. these are some of the most beautiful wedding photos i've ever seen... i love the one of the door handle. love you nic. thinking of you so often in these exciting, God-filled days! e.