06 January 2012

six months.

the older kidlets and the mister have been on holiday this week, so we've been settling catan and netflixing and de-beaning edamame by the bowlful. i've a feeling these rooms will turn downright cavernous come monday when it's just little m and me tootling through the halls.

this past tuesday marked six months home for our youngest fellow. it's been a weighty half year, but he's grown and i've (against my will, but still) grown and sometimes it's good for my soul to look back and see just how much ground we've covered.

early july 2011, age 5 :: early january 2012, age 5.5

as of january third, little m:
no longer uses his hair as a napkin
can hop on one foot indefinitely
is well-versed in spongebob and perry the platypus
adds and subtracts with counters
can pretend-play with his bear, cookie
spells semi-phonetically
no longer calls all women 'mommy'
dances when he thinks i'm not looking
requests DUCK ON A BIKE many times per day
has stronger nails and an expanding hairline
draws on paper instead of walls/chairs/arms/pantlegs
has twice echoed back a lightning-quick 'i love you'
will occasionally circle his arms around me when i hug him

things little m is currently learning:
family is more than the sum of people who happen to be in your house
everyone else is valuable too
mom/dad can say no and still love you
mom/dad can say no because they love you
how to choose to do something one doesn't want to do, and vice-versa
abiding by the rules when mom leaves the room
how to elicit affirmation without wailing, breath-holding, or baby-talking
speaking the truth
doing your own work
your parents would give their lives to preserve yours, and they love you more fiercely than anyone else will

i tend toward autonomy and self-sufficiency, so internally i squirm a bit at how needy we've been these past six months. but far from shying away, y'all have come through brilliantly: cooking and praying and listening and cutting us an enormous length of slack.

i'm overflowing at the thought of it. thank you.

here's to the next half year of grace and growth.


K said...

lovely. praying for continued growth and change and stretching. God stretches, doesn't He? even when we think we're not ready. that's going on in my life right now. hanging on tight with white knuckles and clinging to the fact that the Father is Good. dangerous, but good. i think your family can attest to that!

Katie Stratton said...

what a beautiful journey you've been on. i hope these last few days of holiday are lazy and warm for you.


Jenn said...

Somehow I blinked and those 6 months just flew right by. Something tells me that they were a bit more stretched and steady for you all. It's a huge step though...sometimes all it really takes is time. We are still seeing that at the one year mark. Time to grow and heal (and of course...let God do his thing). Love all those piggies. Congrats!

Jerusha said...

I love Kim's comment. Ditto. Happy 6 months, and may God's grace continue to abound to you.

Nancy said...

Hi Nic! Haven't been by your place for a while. This post just did my heart good, and this is my favorite about m: "dances when he thinks i'm not looking." There's no dancing without joy. Been thinking about you while watching some friends on a similar road. And that part about being needy? Just had a long talk with my own beloved boy about not wanting to be needy. I said, "We're all needy. That's what it means to understand the gospel." Grace and peace to all the Owens' in the new year.

Sarah said...

You've accomplished much... and that sweet smile of M is amazing. God is working in all of you, and "I thank my God in all my remembrance of you... and I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus."

Happy New Year!

Brandee Shafer said...

You ROCK. And so does Little M, and so do the rest of the Owenses, and so does Jesus.

I'm proud as peach of you, Nic.

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

wow... I can't believe it's been six months. all those accomplishments are nothing short of a God thing. :o)

I downloaded Adele's version of "Make You Feel My Love". I love the song and always have, but now every time I hear it, I think of you and little M. I know it was probably not intended as a mother/son song, but still, I think the first part is really appropriate.

continuing my prayers for you and your family! :o)


Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...


that's the link to Adele's live performance

Unknown said...

He's come so far! What a wonderful hard time of fun you are having over there.
Catan is the devil by the way. It's enough to make you want to get into a fight.

alisa greig said...

beautiful as always nic :)

Heather said...

wonderful. all of you. and especially, Him.

Anonymous said...

I love your heart for children. You imitate Christ in that, and I really admire it <3

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and Wildflower Creative said...

lovely post. :)


happygirl said...

He is growing up. He is growing strong. He is growing in love. Thanks for sharing his progress with us. I know it's your personal journey, but it gives me hope for my family and encourages me to be more free with my love. Love is so nourishing.

Hannah said...

i love his smile! lydia walked by whie I was reading this post and she smiled and said "HI!". praying that you would continually be overwhelmed by his grace! ps 94 18-19

Katarina said...

It is amazing to see your incredible accomplishments and always so many inspiring pictures!!!I wish your beautiful family a wonderful and happy 2012!!!Lots of love:)

KS said...

I'm so thankful for the day I found your blog! Happiest New Year to you and yours :). I can't believe it's already been six months since God brought little M home to you!! And the picture of his drawings? I cried.

Unknown said...

my soul is bursting.

Jennifer said...

Many blessings to you and your family...adoption is such a wonderful thing.


rahel said...

It's good to read that things are improving, even if slowly. Love the way you write and those beautiful pictures... parenting is a tough job and it seem parenting an adopted child is much more difficult. But I can see that you hang on to the small steps and moments of joy. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts!

amy luella said...

beautiful to look back for a bit to compare. love seeing the difference on those 2 pieces of paper. love: "dances when he thinks i'm not looking." here's to the second half of his first year. grace and growth for us all please!!=) god bless you all!

Julie said...

Can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I did. God knew...we just brought home a very needy 6 year old girl from China. Hard to believe that things will ever be "normal" again. Reading your 6 month post is hopeful. We've been home three weeks.