09 January 2012


saturday was christmas in ethiopia, so we got to unleash our festiveness again. (for the record: i am all about the double christmas. we should have done this always.)

little m donned his tunic and elle her scarf, and thus properly attired they perched on a deck chair in the sunroom to belt out christmas tunes at optimum volume.

they are cute, but they sing LOUD.

meanwhile, i logged about four miles traipsing back and forth between my desktop* and stove in a stalwart attempt to dredge up something resembling a traditional meal. (i am giantly obliged to shonda's blog for its delectable, well-indexed recipes. bless you, s.)

my sega wat (beef stew), doro wat (chicken stew) and gomen (collard greens) were none too shabby, but my poor injera ended up more like a stack of crusty crepes. sad times.

(warning: i am going to show you a photo of my food-stuffs. they are kind of homely.)

(normally, as in if someone else had made it, ethiopian food would look lovely and edible. however, i did the making, so this is what we've got.)

brace yourself.

i know. i almost spared you the photo, but when you cook for three hours you really have to document the result, kodak moment or not. in any case, we had a grand time at dinner. (right up till the moment where some of us refused to eat because we have figured out that mom and dad want us to eat and therefore we are not planning on doing it ever again, thank you very much.) but aside from that, completely grand.

now if only we could do a triple christmas.


thankful today:
for food on our table
two handed euchre with my son
unseasonable warmth
john green
biscotti from the madre
new small-group friends
horsey swings
how little m's lashes curl just like the mister's
matthew 6.33
and isaiah 53

*i can hear y'all shouting mobile devices at me, but i think we know by now that i am a Bad Member of the 21st Century. i am still wrapping my mind around texting, people. one thing at a time.


happygirl said...

I love euchre. It's hard to find people who play. Your food looks good. What is it? lol Merry Ethiopian Christmas to you and yours. :)

Captain Murdock {Godwilladd.com} said...

Whatev. Your food looks amazing. How did it taste?

Did you use my sega wat recipe? That's probably my fav!

Unknown said...

I don't have a smart phone. I don't even have the ability to text.
I need my boundaries.

Also, Merry Christmas! AGAIN!

Jorth said...

Hey - it looks pretty darn good to me!

Jerusha said...

I set the food bar low at "edible." But yours looks attractive enough to me.

K said...

Shonda and her recipes are the BOMB. (See, I'm old-school, too. Nobody uses "the bomb" anymore.) And I totally would've dined with you. Just saying.

Jacki said...

Your blog is wonderful. Your photography is one of a kind. Truly.

Candi said...

I think your food looks yummy! Also, I am with you on the mobile devices...I bring my laptop to the kitchen for recipe purposes.

grey rose (they/them) said...

oh, how lovely!
we may celebrate along with you next year. north dakota calls for a double christmas. also what a sweet chuckle i got from your lack of mobile device. HA!


lauren said...

oh my--- my flip phone elicits mockery everywhere i go. i figure if i keep it long enough it will fit in with the vintage theme i have going on. ;) i want an ethiopian christmas!! that first picture of those two is just too cute. :)

amy luella said...

wish i could have heard the singing! and i don't think i have ever had an authentic african meal. someday, i hope. way to go, mom!

rahel said...

Happy 2nd Christmas! :o)
There are many holidays to pick from ;o)
I have enough with celebrating Christian AND Jewish holidays...

Heather said...

Oh, he is so going to look back on all your efforts and love you for it!

Jodi@ underthegeorgiasun.com said...

matthew 6:33 is the memory verse for this week on AFR I do believe. :o)

I'm not one for beef stew, but the greens and chicken stew look yummy!

Your little ones there are just too cute! It looks like little M WANTED to smile, but just didn't want to give in. love his little smirk ;o)

Shannan Martin said...

I still have a flip phone and shall continue until it is entirely unavoidable. (And why does "unavoidable" look so wrong to me??)

Mega props to your ethnic cooking attempt. Let me know when you're ready to try your hand at Korean fare and we'll ship you down this way.

thefisherlady said...

the picture of the kids( that can sing loud) is precious!