04 November 2011

soul food.

last friday when i'd reached the last feeble thread at the end of my rope, the mister took little m for the day. i got to scrub the shower and paint my desk and fold stacks of fabric and eat my first conflict-free lunch in four months. it's a beautiful thing to have enough quiet to taste my soup.

my folks arrived fresh from oahu this week with my little brother and aunt in tow. they hand-carried sushi rolls and manapua, stuffed the crannies of their suitcases with candies and shelled out a small fortune to check a box of home-grown coffee plus goodies for the kids. in em's words: christmas showed up early this year. indeed.


my brother noel is a walking comedy routine and raves over my cajun pasta and is teaching the kiddos rubber band tricks. dad's been playing chess with zee and bee, my aunt reads and plays memory with the littles, and mom cooks a mean beef stew (and pretends she doesn't know the first thing about card games while trouncing us all). they're good for the soul, these people.

red and green

also, thank you. i asked you to pray and you did, and it's seeing us through this winnowing season. and i'll likely splinter along a hundred fault lines over and again for a good while yet, but maybe the point isn't to arrive intact at all. maybe it's to still be clinging to Jesus for dear life at the end of the day.

[every single one of you who dropped me a line, i've been praying for you too. and there's something renewing in that, to be a lifeline for someone else in the middle of the hot mess that is currently me.]

ps if you bump into us (or any adoptive family) regular-like, please read this primer on how to handle our special flavor of neurosis. bless you, jen hatmaker.


Linds said...

Thinking of you! Glad you had a short reprieve and refresher. Hang in there!

Brandee Shafer said...

I love you and your family, and I LOVE Bread and Jam for Frances. Do your kids want to swap Artist Trading Cards with my Cade (almost 12) or my Clementine (almost 3)?

kendal said...

praying for you, nic. and a tiny boost for you - my girl, the one i mentor, the one for whom you made a doll, the one for whom you have prayed? she is doing so so well. i'm still mentor, but now that she's better, we're figuring out friendship. thank you so much for the role you have played in her recovery.

Michelle said...

Wow, I read "How to be the village", and it is powerful! I hear your exhaustion. I'm glad you had a day to yourself.

Your photos are just beautiful, as always. I love the photos of the chocolate covered macadamias. It makes me smile. I love macadamias. I think Queensland and Hawaii must be similar in climate. :-)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

Can I be in your family? If just for a minute?? I'm in some need for some beef stew and home-grown coffee. ;o)

You and your family are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Jesus has carved a little spot for you all in my heart and it only makes me wish I lived closer so I could do #2, #3 and maybe #1 on Jen's list of what to do "After the Airport". (I say maybe #1 b/c it's always a hit or miss w/ my cooking haha)

(((HUGS))) all the way from South GA.

ps. time to yourself is golden. I can amen to that. ;o)

Jenn said...

So glad for you that reinforcements have shown up to bind you up and carry you for a bit. Praying for you whenever I think of you (often) and trusting with you for God to do "His Thing"...which is always so different then what we expect...but I'm thinking it will be pretty amazing just the same ;) All of your images are gorgy but that last one took my breath away!!

Much love, Jenn

Jennifer Shults said...

I'm so happy to hear the family arrived. Sometimes that's all you need to rejuvenate the soul. I'm thinking of you always. :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I just "met" Jen Hatmaker last week. Someone passed along her "after the airport post" and it was a balm. Off to read this one next, thank you.

Your words all make so much sense to me. Every day is a step in the right direction, even when it feels all wrong. I promise. And yes, I think you're right about not arriving intact. This sort of thing was meant to change. We'll look different in the end, hallelujah.

hannah singer said...

exactly, clinging to jesus for dear life. completely.
enjoy your early christmas;) your family sounds like the ticket for a good time!

love to you! xo {and praying!}

Saba Jean said...

Thinking and praying for you Nicole! I love your blog and think you are a beautiful person inside and out. This has been a difficult year for me as well and this song always encourages me. Hope it lifts you up today!



Ostriches Look Funny said...

maybe the point isn't to arrive intact. you're so wise. I'm glad you got some reinforcements...and some chocolate and SUSHI! Awesome!

lulu and family said...

"...maybe it's to still be clinging to Jesus for dear life at the end of the day."


just beautiful, those images matched with words. love to you and your extra full home right now!

Mindy said...

I feel a smile in this post. I'm so thankful for your quiet day, and the arrival of your family!

emily wierenga said...

oh nic. God knows what we need, no? such as quiet lunches in which to taste soup, and mothers and fathers to bring suitcases full of presents. may you know his strength, may you know it in incredible measure. love you.

Katarina said...

Yummmy and beautiful post and words, as always!!!It's such a treat to have some time for yourself, even that it is usually dedicated to house and others;)xx

Amish Stories said...

I'm spending a little time checking out new blogs, so i thought id stop and say hello to you folks. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon Pennsylvania.

I'm Hannah said...

just found your blog, wanted to say you're beautiful (love your profile picture) and i love that there are other people in the world who use their time off from their kids to catch up on chores...and can still consider it a break :)

Carly @ Mason's Roost said...

So funny... I saw the pictures in the most recent post of your family and I was thinking "They're from Hawaii" then I scrolled down and saw this:) I'm from the north shore. Just found your blog, I'm gonna go explore it more.