18 July 2011

favorite things.

currently smitten with:

1. yo-yo runners.

this here table runner is a Much Belated Birthday Something for my youngest sister, kindra. she had the grace not to fall over from shock when i actually finished the guy.

(ps all y'all with tutorials who said this will only take an hour or two either have quick fingers or fiery pants. that's all i'm saying.)

2. biggest and littlest brothers, playing makinas.

3. guava juice.

4. a sister getting married (squee!).

4a. elle's dearest ambition in life is to be a princess. just in case her father and i don't turn out to be secret royalty, she will settle for her second choice: flower girl.

after being asked by aunt kristin to fill this dreamy role, she's been skimming about the house like a balloon, buoyant with euphoria, sketching dresses in her journal and staging hallway rehearsals.

5. dear people who check in on us and stock our fridges with casseroles and mangoes and keep us afloat with prayer.

6. jersey sheet tents and stuffed friends and homemade games.

7. all this stretching and the kinship taking root in deep places, even if i can't yet see it. and all the somedays to come.


Jennifer Shults said...

Bwahahaha! Fiery pants... you are brilliant! LOVE that table runner and your gorgeous photos. That car track is AMAZING. Where on Earth did you get that? Love seeing your little man all settled in like he's been there always.

Naomi Anselmo said...

That table runner completely makes me want to make some yo-yo curtains for my daughter's room! So beautiful!

the domestic fringe said...

It's my dream to one day own a yo-yo quilt. Pure love. Your pictures are beautiful.

70piggies said...

i'm 99% sure we got the road set off of good ol' ebay, it seems to be a combo of several plan toys sets. here's a starter set on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/PlanToys-Plan-City-System-Deluxe/dp/B0001VV1F6/ref=sr_1_2?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1311018160&sr=1-2

it's been (and still is) a big hit at our place...all the kiddos have been through it, and even the olders will play with it if the littler ones pull it out.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Something about seeing Old Navy on his knee just about did me plum in.

Love the runner, too.

And the wedding!

And hey - what's with this new comment thing? I can NEVAH figure these out!

smoothstones said...

The table runner is brilliant! I bought yo-yo garland for my Christmas tree some years ago, but I like it so much that I keep it out all year long. It's draped over our wooden sled, which is also out all year long.

You have much for which to be thankful. Congratulations to both the bride-to-be and the flower-girl-to-be. I love the tent pics!

Leisl said...

Ahhh! The best times as a kid are creating your own world in a makeshift loungeroom tent!

Ostriches said...

love the table runner, you're sooooooo talented. and there's nothing better than casseroles and mangos, unless it's being lifted up in prayer...
This was a homey sweet post!

hannah said...

beautiful favorites. the yoyo runner is a champion accomplishment, i know from failing at finishing my own:)
so sweet to read of your family and the deep roots forming. in his time.

love ya.

hannah said...

and p.s. i can never comment on disqus with my phone...my primary blog reading tool...so if i seem absent, i am reading and still cheering you on, just cant "say" so unless i am at the computer. xo

happygirl said...

LOVE the yoyo runner. So cute. So 1940's. I always wished to be a flower girl. Alas, never happened. However, bridesmaid 6 times. expensive.

Elizabeth said...

Just want you to know how much I am loving the story of your newest little guy's adoption. I am so happy for him and for your family.
Our two oldest grandbabies are adopted, (from here in the U.S.), and we couldn't love them more.
My brother is a missionary and lived in Addis for quite some time and is now in Uganda.
Love to you and yours!

congosc said...

Did you use one of those handy new-fangled yoyo maker tools? I've wondered how well they work or if they help :)

Southern Gal said...

I have the same problem with yo-yos. Not a quick project. Yours turned out just lovely.
Ah, the dreaming of princesses and flower girls. I was neither, oh, but the dreams. Love the photos as always.

amy espinoza said...


Katarina Roccella said...

Beautiful pictures, love that dreamy table runner and stopping by your blog is always such a happy filler for my heart:)

Chelsea said...

I love the Yo Yo runner! And your pictures are all amazing. I hope you are well. I haven't been out in blog land forever, yours is my first stop and of course I already feel inspired.


TheUnSoccerMom said...

is that a homemade board game I spy??? so very cool!!!

and the table runner.. wow... I think I will just admire yours from afar and if you should ever have the notion to do that again.. i will gladly pay you for one! :o)

Love the pictures of your kids in play... makes me long for those moments when Christen was that small. :o)