09 April 2011



in a long-ago april the mister held my hands, shaking like leaves, and we promised a life together.

we were scarcely more than kids, too young and bright-eyed to know all the reasons it shouldn’t work. and i didn’t have the first clue about wifery or growing a passel of littles. but i knew his look was a river of tenderness, and his frame halved the weight of anything that threatened to pin me down. and so here we stand, fourteen years wiser (or at least later), still happily shoring up that vow.

dear mister:

i reckon you didn’t much know what you were in for, marrying me. but you found out right-quick, and to your eternal credit you didn’t bat an eye. i owe you one.

well, maybe two: for that year of manual labor while i finished school, every stone you cleaved dulling your spirit.

and, okay, three: for how you pull yourself from sleep each morning with the kiddos, in spite of your night-owlish preferences.

four: the way you long and pray and work for our family to be together. all on the same continent, under the same spackled ceilings.

five: how you trade in your dreams for God's, and with relish.

so alright. pretty much i owe you twelve billion. but mostly: thanks for doing life with me, for showing up every day and putting in the beautiful, grueling, sometimes monotonous hours of effort. for trusting God’s grace to fill in the cracks and canyons. for loving Him so full it spills down into loving the rest of us, even when we are one part mess, three parts miracle.

you’re my kind of awesome.

love, me.


Farmgirl Paints said...

that was awesom. love to read a love story. good for the soul.

Farmgirl Paints said...

oops awesomE.

Brandee Shafer said...

A marriage with God in the center is such a wonderful thing.

I got it right, too. The second time.

Joybird said...

Oh, Nic...this...this is what I want in a marriage. Drenching love and blessings on you both.

Katarina said...

Beautifully said:)
And now you have such an awesome, growing family:)

Shannan Martin said...

One of the miracles of my life is that I somehow managed to marry pure awesomeness when I was way too young to really make the "right" choice. That's my kind of provision, you know?

Happy anny.

happygirl said...

Happy Anniversary. What state did they let 12 year olds marry? Wow, you both look like babies in this pic. I LOVE being married. And, I LOVE a love story.

Jorth said...

Sniffle. I love happy wedding stories!

Rob said...

Congrats, you two...and what a wonderful couple you make. Really meant alot to me when Todd visited the other day. I know we're not close personally or geographically, but I think the world of you two....happy anniversary!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

beautiful! :o)

count yourself very blessed...

Jessica Klick said...

I remember all those years ago, sitting on the floor of our room at Bethel when you told me! It is so exciting to see how God works in our lives! So happy for both of you....Happy Anniversary!

amy luella said...

"...for trusting God’s grace to fill in the cracks and canyons."

that is one wonderful way to describe the great need in marriage, family, relationships.

happy anniversary to you both!!