28 March 2011

and counting.

spring break

in the end we stayed put, several of our small folk briefly ill on the very day we were slotted to leave town. but there was sunshine to be had, and a yard full of new grass and windows cracked to the clean march wind.

[also? it is good to have friends in minnesota. whenever i feel the need to gripe about how it is supposed to be spring and what is up with the cold, they snap things into swift perspective for me. still, if i ever learn to drive in the snow i am totally moving to minneapolis.]

continuing the gratitude list, #s 109-117:

crowder band
nurses in our faith family
b making a wii fifa player for his soon-here little brother
laundry soap
the Famous One
daniel 3.18 (‘but even if He doesn’t…’)


Dawn said...

your photos are beautiful... hope the sun shines and warms up minnesota to real spring soon!

Shannan Martin said...


happygirl said...

Yep, redemption. and, windows cracked to the clean march wind.

E. Lehman said...

one of my favorite verses that "but even if he doesn't". ahhh...His word is so rich!

Unknown said...

sigh. So wonderful to visit over here. It was centering. I needed some perspective...perhaps I am still reeling from my squirrel incident. At any rate, I loved your list, it was soul food.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I selfishly want you to move to Minneapolis, because Neil's brother lives there and I could TOTALLY orchestrate a visit. =D

We had the windows cracked open today...ah! The glory of fresh air!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

laundry soap and fresh, spring air. Doesn't get any better than that. I HATE it when the laundry is in the machine, water is running ----- and NO SOAP! I have been known to use dish detergent in a pinch! Loved being here today and seeing the pictures! Can't imagine being in Minnesota as I'm in Florida!!!!

amy luella said...

dan. 3:18.

lulu and family said...

dan. 3:18.

happygirl said...

Yep, redemption. and, windows cracked to the clean march wind.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...