19 November 2010

things i used to know but then i forgot but then i remembered.

1. homemade pancakes taste roughly sixteen times better than the kind from the box, and they only take two minutes extra. ps brownies too.


[so i am typing to you from the un-uncle's computer, which means you are getting photos from my flickr archives which will likely have nothing to do with this post. this is because i made an executive decision that irrelevance is a lesser sin than a pictureless post.]

2. i love airports. i adore them smell of them, eau de cinnamon coffee mingled with gyros and a note of fresh wall-street-journal. i love the people bustling, everyone traveling someplace far-flung, or hungry for home. i love the flight attendants who smile like they wouldn't trade this day for anything in the world, the kid pressing her nose against the glass, the teal suitcase in a sea of black.

2b. i love how i can have this whole airport bathroom experience without actually touching anything. the faucet starts, the toilet flushes, the paper towels dispense all by my presence. it's a very harry potter moment for me.


3. also, i hate airports. i despise how, invariably, i am picked from the line of harried passengers for the extra-special screening at security checkpoints. i deplore the ninety seconds where i'm out on the jetway waiting to embark, and i'm positioned right at the part where it accordions to the door of the plane like so much high-tech origami. and i'm slightly nervous that the thing is going to collapse, or, you know, refold itself into a paper crane and fly away in the wind, and i want the people in front of me to each scooch just like two inches forward so i can please get ON the plane, which is metal and solid and safe.

clearly neurotic and also the opposite of most people's flying fears, i'm aware.

4. i have the best sort of friends, the kind that will welcome me over to requisition their desktop when they hear that my printer and hard drive are no longer speaking. the kind who would cheerfully care for my littles so the hubby and i can board a plane to ethiopia. the kind who see all sorts of good things in me so that i eventually begin to become that person.

5. i have the best sort of family, too.


[haHA, what a gem from the archives. this is me and the bros, circa 1980's. i'm the one with the wacked out hair and painty mustache.]

6. and i have the bestest sort of husband. he has been doing these incredibly cute and selfless things as of late, which would make us all a bit ill if i wax romantic on them here so i shall just leave it at that. he's a good man.

7. when i grow up, i want to translate bibles.

7b. and also knit and throw pottery.

7c. and start a fire with nothing but flinty stones and some wood.


8. it is entirely possible to miss someone you have never met.

happiest friday, friends.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

An especially fervent amen to #8.

Life is sweeter with you in it. I've never read a post of yours that hasn't brought on a smile.

And now...to go remember some things I'd forgotten. Like that reading blogs is fabulous, but perhaps not the best idea when the inlaws are a due in a few hours and the dishes aren't done...

Shannan Martin said...

All of the airport talk combined with the using of someone else's computer combined with the Ethiopia talk had me thinking, for a split second, that you were ON YOUR WAY!

My heart can't take it.

Unknown said...

i love lists. thanks for the post. and irrelevant pictures.

Unknown said...

i love when you post.

i love what you love about airports, too.
and the 2b brought back funny memories of me in international airports doing what i needed to to still nurse my baby when i returned home. let's just say that amsterdam was much easier than uganda.

i love your friends and family even though i don't know them at all. i love how good they are to you. how well you all love.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

All of the airport talk combined with the using of someone else's computer combined with the Ethiopia talk had me thinking, for a split second, that you were ON YOUR WAY!

My heart can't take it.