07 November 2010

joy. everywhere.


saturday means

belated haircuts for snaggle-toothed boys : cooking show (featuring elle's signature peanut-fish soup) : chili and backyard s'mores and mayonnaise cake and happy chatter at the warmly lit home of new friends : a marginally-sane computer (compliments of the hubby and the online geek squad) : salvaging frostbitten tomatoes : zee's intricate battle schemes to take over the world and/or the dining table : clean hallway floors : pittacus lore on the treadmill : prepping sunday lessons (and snacks) for my pre-k class : emails from college friends : yellow maple leaves shivering in thin sunlight : mixing corncake and apple cobbler with smallish helpers : an extra hour of crazy-dream sleep : joy everywhere


Shannan Martin said...

Why is it that the crazy-dream sleep always shows up in the extra hour? 'Tis a double-edged sword at times, that hour.

ps- I want to climb inside your life for a Saturday. Just a warning. If it feels a little cramped in there, look around and you'll probably see me, taking up my unfair share of space.

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend!

Mommy Emily said...

those extra hours of sleep, and yellow leaves in thin sunlight... yes, joy indeed, friend.