09 November 2010



she was annie’s baby sister, and when we met those many moons ago, i didn’t spot the flashing neon sign that said pay attention: this shy twelve year old will one day wash your life bright with hope.

but time did its flying trick, and we both grew up and married and moved to the same college town and the same church by the pond with all the geese and the same small group circling my living room come sunday nights.

and these days i know her not as annie’s little sister, but as lori. lori who thinks long and feels deep, who is meticulous, efficient, resourceful. lori with her lithe runner’s limbs and eyes that crescent into moons when she laughs. lori who loves with abandon, the lid of her heart pried wide open.

she reminds me to forgive like rain, how to trust the best in people. she sharpens my appetite for God.

little did i know some sixteen years ago that God had such good things up his sleeve.

* * *

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Unknown said...

So very beautiful. How blessed to have someone who spurs you to praise!

Shannan Martin said...


A worthy tribute. And one that makes me miss the both of you.

Unknown said...

your writing leaves me stunned.

Danielle said...

There is nothing like a sweet friend! Thanks for stopping by today!

elizabeth said...

love how God weaves people into our lives...a beautiful tapestry!
Thanks so much for visiting my place and for your kind comment.

Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing how we are blinded so much in the present, but then as years pass by we gain wisdom and reverence for Him... for all the small things He planned for us? <3

Sami Jo said...

I'm blessed to know you have such a beautiful friend. I, too, have a friend that is so dear to my heart - she's constant. she's my inspiration. I love her so.

amy luella said...

what a precious way to see the then and now.

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe Ⓥ said...

So very beautiful. How blessed to have someone who spurs you to praise!