29 June 2010

tuesday, unwrapped.

today i'm unwrapping the gift of simple joys.

of quiet morning runs, the road snaking out into the sun, a bracing wind, leaves shivering on their branches.

of lilies the color of creamsicles.


of unexpected notes from friends who live entirely too far away.

of calamine lotion. (i am currently sporting twenty-two itchy welts, almost all on my stomach, and i cannot adequately extol the calming properties of that pastel liquid. i'd like to swim laps in the stuff.)


of things that green up and grow all by themselves because The Someones Who Lived Here Before Me were smart enough to plant them just right.

of freshly rinsed cherries.


of offspring who fold their own laundry.


of brown bean chowder and clementines and cornbread.

of festive occasions where one can make pippi dolls for a darling four year old.


of a pool we fill and empty and drag around and fill, so as to kill our backyard grass evenly.

of an uncle who turns out to be a best friend, and of best friends who feel like home.

of relentless, miraculous grace.

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Unknown said...

LOVE these all and Pippi is ADORABLE! I wonder how hard it would be to make Pinkalicious?

Unknown said...

Pippi was a childhood hero of mine.
I think, there can never be enough creamsicle related things, there can never be enough green, and there can never be enough calamine lotion. Well said!

Southern Gal said...

You nailed simple joys.

Unknown said...

I loved loved Pippi , even coat hangered my long red hair for Halloween a few times.

the green (sedum?) photo is stunning, as are the others.

you unwrapped gifts for me too, thank you

MamaMonki said...

The Pippi doll is ADORABLE!! You always hit the nail on the head with all the things to be thankful for.

Shannan Martin said...

Not sure if you've heard, but I'm head-to-toe in poison ivy. I've tried Cortison 10 cream and Gold Bond, but not trusty ol' calamine. What??

ps - I'm hungry for a creamsicle.

pss- Is it true you're headed up this way soon?

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

How sweet to be part of your unwrapping day. Ah the smiles that brought on. Hope your day continues on in loveliness.

Morgan said...

Please please please say you are working on a Pippi tutorial!!! Pretty please...!!! I loved the book growing up and just recently read it with my daughter - so great to relive those stories! Simple joys are the best, really.

Jen Shults said...

GUH!!!! I love love love all these photos they are amazing. BUT PIPPI!!! I love that illustrator... Charlie and Lola will always hold a special place in my heart, lol. And Pippi is just PEFECT!!! You ROCK!

fleetfeet said...

Just so you know, Pippi has graced most of Funcie in the past three days. She has watched us swim, been to the movie theater, slept on a hotel room floor, eaten out at "Smiley's Thai Place", and met the ducks. She is wonderfully loved, and has not left the arms of that 4-year-old since they were introduced. Thank you for the precious gift.

I'll be contacting you for washing instructions :)

Unknown said...

What a darling doll!

I love Summer for cherries. So good.

And your photography is as breathtaking as always...

Orit said...

Gorgeous Pippi!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness....that Pippi is to die for. Amazingly done.

patty said...

lovely! :)

suzannah | the smitten word said...

wow, that lily is gorgeous! and pippi reminds me of my daughter's favorite charlie and lola library books:)

Rebekah said...


and I feel for you and the itchy bumps. ugh.

amy luella said...

so much to love.

lulu and family said...

so much to love.

suzannah @ so much shouting/la said...

wow, that lily is gorgeous! and pippi reminds me of my daughter's favorite charlie and lola library books:)