21 June 2010

interview with the progeny.

what is something that daddy always says?
em: turn off the light.
zee: you need to clean up your room, guys.

what does daddy look like?
elle: a dad.
what does a dad look like?
elle: he has short hair, and he has blinking eyes.
em: big. tall. old.


what is your favorite thing about daddy?
elle: sometimes he plays with me. cooking cookies or membery.
bee: he plays video games with me.
em: he looks after me. like keeps an eye on me.
zee: he takes me places. sports games.

what do you like to do with dad?
em: i like to play with him, like today we played six rounds of scum.
zee: games. video games and board games.


how has dad influenced the person you’ve become?
bee: i’m a lot better at boxing now, because now when we play i always crush him, although now he’s getting better so i guess i’m influencing him.

what is dad’s favorite vegetable?
elle: cucumber?
why does he like cucumbers?
elle: because they don’t taste like anything?


what is dad especially good at?
bee: kung-fu panda. he’s really good at that.
elle: checkers!
em: being a coach for like soccer and basketball.
zee: chess.

why is daddy the best dad on the planet?
bee: because he’s the only dad i have.
elle: because people like him.
em: because he loves me?


what’s the funniest thing daddy has ever done or said?
elle: um, i know! when [em] ate the last hamburger, and so daddy said, ‘boooooo.’
em: yeah, cause he wanted to eat it and i ate it first.

what would you like to say to dad on father’s day?
elle: hi daddy!
bee: happy father’s day.
em: happy father’s day.
zee: have a good happy father’s day.


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

This is such a sweet idea! I`m going to steal it for next year and make into one of those little photos books with blurbs on the bottom. =D

momma rae said...

i love this!! you are so clever. ;)

amy luella said...

aww. those are keepers. the interview answers, the photos (so sweet!), the kids, and the daddy! and mommy for putting it all together!=)

Wendy said...

nic-- that is so sweet. I love how creative and thoughtful you are. You captured your children's eyes all so beautifully.

Mommy Emily said...

i. love. this. the rawness of child's voice in father's ear... beautifully orchestrated.

fleetfeet said...

Thanks for giving the Harber mama and papa a hearty laugh this evening. Such great kids...

Michele said...

Love the interviews! Your kids are funny and clever, and oh yeah, really cute! Good job, mom. I bet dad was thrilled to hear all those answers.

Shannan Martin said...

Fantastic idea and beautiful pictures and sweet souls. All in one post. You're a rockstar-ess.

Unknown said...

I love this!

Jena Webber said...

precious!! Love the interview with the kids! They are such a nice looking bunch also. There about as dark and handsome and mine are fair and fair-skinned..?

patty said...

sweet, and beautiful kids!