18 May 2010

brainstorming. with help.

it’s that scurrying-about time of year, when the littles focus their cerebral reserves on end-of-term projects, and the mama directs her reserves to devising thoughtful teacher gifts. (or, more likely, the mama surveys her ingenuity tank, finds it empty-bellied, and scours the web for tutorials.)

just in case you too are scrabbling for handmade gift ideas, here’s a gathering of my favorite finds (all photos used with permission):


[giant paperclip bookmark from noodlehead]

2. pretty little album from brooke at inchmark

3. coffee cozies (to hold gift cards and handwritten kid-notes) from erin at house on hill road, (pdf pattern here)


[fabric basket tute by ayumi of pink penguin]

5. chubby hobby's market tote


[decorative thumbtacks by jessica of how about orange]

are your vibes less of the crafty sort and more of the buy it quickly sort? for primary grades, thoughtfully-selected picture books make perfect gifts as well.

[as a former first grade teacher, i have leanings toward anything artfully rendered with a good helping of funny, such as the olivia series, or nearly anything by kevin henkes. many educators, however, may already have these titles on hand. if you aren't familiar with your child's classroom library, you may want to select something less popular but equally enchanting, such as last night i dreamed a circus.]

anyhoo. after much debating, i'm thinking we'll make little tote bags circa kristin's birthday, and i'll let the boys decide what sorts of teacher goodies to fill them with.


(that is, unless one of you shares the Best Idea Ever in the comments and i make that instead. when it comes to homemade gifts, i'm embarrassingly easy to persuade.)


Misty said...

these are GREAT ideas! :) Thanks!

amy luella said...

your children will have some lucky teachers! all of your ideas are so thoughtful. the teacher gifts i have enjoyed most have been homemade...even just the children's cards with sincere words. but you are adding a little splash of charm and pretty to their world, too! thanks for sharing!

Morgan said...

If I were a teacher, I'd have a special place in my heart for those cute coffee cozies, complete with gift cards. Actually, I have a special place for them now.

sarah said...

such great ideas. you might want to check out http://giverslog.com as well for tutorials. she has a whole section on gifts for teachers.


shoppin4sophia said...

Well, my daughter's teachers are getting the best gifts ever.....SweetTea necklaces! Sophia and I tucked them inside little fabric zipper make-up bags that I made so they are ready to hand out next week. Thanks again, Nicole. They are simply lovely.

Best Regards,
Angela Rising

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Lovely ideas! As you probably know I have no crafting skills whatsoever, but there's a shop in town that sells local handicrafts. I must pop in there soonly...

Valley Girl said...

Oh my but you have saved the day!!! Next week is our last week of school...this was just in time. A BIG thank you!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

thanks for stopping by the other day!! what a beautiful space you have here ... i'm thinking i'll be back! ;)

beautiful photographs ... beautiful words ...

AND ... i had to say something on this post, cuz i totally have these paperclips in my cue to make as end-of-year teacher gifts! just waiting for those dern buttons to get here! ;)