09 February 2010


last weekend was my sister* kristin's birthday. she has not yet embraced her age, so i shall leave that part undisclosed, but we had a rolicking good time. (tattoos! baptisms! red velvet cake!)

i was pretty stoked about her gift, i must say, so i did what i generally do when stoked with giftage and immortalised it in a photo.


where to begin. the soap? ah, the soap. the soap is handmade and so fragrant with the scent of ripe fruit that i was thisclose to eating it. in fact, we drove through a veritable blizzard to get to kristin's place, and i was all, don't worry folks. if we get stranded in some ditch for two days, we can totally live off of my soap.

[soap from dulcet apothecary on etsy. you can't go wrong with the raspberry creme, pomegranate, or apricot&oatmeal.]

the smallish tote i made from rachel's friendship bag tutorial. its self-standing trick is clever, and allows this bag to easily double as a desk-containerish-box-thingy. you know, for stray paper clips and stuff.

* * *

in other news, i drew a name at random for the necklace below. jena of organizing mommy, it's your lucky day!

also: thank you all who left me a note sharing bits of the stories behind meaningful dates in your lives. so many of your entries made my breath catch...such stark loss, and such sweeping joy. sometimes this life is so huge and intense it's almost unbearable. i'm fairly certain this is part of why God surrounds us with other people whose hearts carry the overflow we can't begin to hold alone.

and now i am off to finish sewing and then hang with the kiddos, who are loving this snow day.

happy tuesday, friends.

*so technically, kristin is the hubby's sister, but she's this rare brand of amazing and so i like to conveniently allow people to believe we hail from the same gene pool. nobody can actually read this, right?


Jen Shults said...

lovely purse girl!!! but I got stuck on the tidbit about tatoos... did YOU get a tatoo??? when can we see??

Nicole said...

great gift! congrats to the winner! and no, no one could possibly read that tiny print :)!

Shannan Martin said...

I'm always referring to my SILs as my sisters and it seems to confuse people? This girl does not discriminate lineage. When you're a sister, you're a sister. Nothing can be done about it.
ps- Love those gifts.

Unknown said...

yes, tatoo? i wanna see!

love those gifts so much. you are a GOOD gift giver. and i favorited their ginger peach soap for my next Etsy run!!

i can totally read that. ; )

cupcake studio said...

Mmm, those soaps look so lovely...thanks for sharing the source!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

I want to be part of your family and get spiffy presents like that!

kris said...

I love my soap! I caught myself sniffing my arm yesterday afternoon because the wonderful pomegranate aroma was still there! I have to be sure and look around next time I do that, but two thumbs way up for my soap, bag, hilarious games and seeing my family!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

That is beautiful! I've been meaning to look around for a tutorial on a bag with a flat bottom, and now I don't have to spend all that time wondering if it will be cute or not.

Thanks for the information! Your fabric choices are great! :)


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

I love that gift.I'm bookmarking that tutorial! Gosh, I'm so damn happy to have found your blog! <3

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Par said...

I love that gift.I'm bookmarking that tutorial! Gosh, I'm so damn happy to have found your blog! <3