18 October 2007

small things

1. Elle is talking her head off these days. I'm in love with her choice of pronunciation. ie:

emymore (as in, "my head doesn't hurt emymore")

how to speak rooster: patapatadooooooo

2. Things I miss from home:

the smell of ocean; Tanioka's sushi; mountains breaking the skyline; short people; plate lunches; Zippy's bentos; Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch & Crab; kalbi; good kimchi; streets that curve and tunnel and ramble; normal rice; mochiko chicken; my grandpa's oranges and papayas; fresh saimin noodles; perpetual sun. (Plus my family and good friends, but that was a given.) So mostly it's food with a little climate thrown in.

3. Things I don't miss:

red dirt; centipedes; cane spiders on my bedroom wall; paying $6 for a gallon of milk; that on Oahu, the shortest distance between two points is under construction (old joke, but annoyingly true); dive-bombing cockroaches; Kona weather.

4. I used to say that the reason I'm hesitant to run into any old school chums (aside from my bestest buds) is because I'd be such a disappointment. Me, the esteemed work-at-home-mom. But I recently realized that that's not it at all. It's just that I've outgrown the high school me; the skin they're trying to cram me back into is so small it's suffocating.

5. My husband has made a habit of telling me daily that he loves me and that I'm beautiful. I'm keeping him forever.

6. If you ever receive something in the mail from Lovelyn, it will strike you just how together this girl is. I never knew my envelopes were so unsightly and uninspiring until I held one of hers in my actual hands. Gorgeous. Thanks, Love!

7. My five-year-old slipped a note under the bathroom door while I was combing the tangles from my damp hair. He told me it says: "Can we paint now?" How could I possibly deny him?

8. I'm thinking about Christmas cards. I'll still probably mail them out on December 22nd, but just the fact that I'm devoting thought to them in October should be worth a gold foil star or two from the Department of People Who Plan Ahead.

9. My latest goal for the quilt is to finish it up while my mum is here. You know, so she can give me pointers and I can ignore them only to later find out she was spot-on. This is another thing you'd think I'd have outgrown, but no, it's still here.

10. I'm off to parent-teacher-conference with my first grader's teacher. I think that lady wakes up with a smile on her face. She is so perfect for my Zee.

Happy Monday!


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You inspire me, you know that? And those are the very best kind of friends to have.

And I really, really wish my kids could play with your kids. They'd learn so much that is good and valuable. The note under the door? Brilliance!

Katy said...

I love all of those!!! Thanks so much for sharing this post! :)

Unknown said...

you're welcome. and i don't know about that whole "just how together this girl is." but, i do believe that the little things really are the big things..every single day. =)

i was going to tell you how much i liked about this post...but then it was basically everything. =) definitely loving #4 right now though.

Wenderina said...

Great post. I've been "lurking" around your site for a while and admiring your incredible photographs and your skill with sewing, crafts, etc.

I definitely like the fact that you came to realize your SAHM status is not a failure and that the teenage persona was limiting.

Hope you'll visit my blog sometime - you're on my favs list!

Jorth said...

Happy Monday right back atcha!

Anonymous said...

Love this post Nicki!

Espec. the things you don't miss about home. LOL
I'm right there with you! A nice big centipede was found in our garage the other day...

& there is red dirt on the bottom of my slippers from our backyard. betcha don't miss how that stuff is impossible to get out of clothes.

emily said...

great post! i always love checking in on your blog!

skatey katie said...

wow, loved your thoughts, i'm just doing the final hand-sewing on my Mnearly6's quilt today, it's his birthday next wednesday, can't believe i'm ahead of myself!!!
am off to buy *six* buttons to sew on it in celebration...
kate X

Melissa said...

Great thoughts for the day! I hope that you will post pictures of your quilt when you're done. I'd love to see it :)