11 August 2007

when in doubt, pick C

We interrupt your perfectly normal Saturday afternoon to bring you this fun pop quiz (gleaned from the lovely Megan's blog).

I love the concept here, but I don't own any lipstick. Not one to be stopped by such a small snag, however, I decided to play this game MY way. So. I clicked through each lipstick shape (how do people end up with some of those shapes? I really think you'd have to work at it) and picked the attributes that sound like me on most days.

Honestly, I overanalyze everything, so almost every answer applies to me under specific conditions, but here are the ones most likely to pop up.

-Abides by the rules
-Somewhat reserved (in public)
-Stubborn over little things
-Needs approval
-Loves challenges
-Opinionated (heheh)
-Selective of friends
-Argumentative (not so much in public)
-A prober
-Complex (although everyone likes to think they're complex, so who knows)

So I guess that's what happens when you don't have lipstick. You are doomed to be a mish-mash of every personality.

Anyhoo, take the quiz and report back w/your results!

PS For my MIL, who loves these temperament things (and is actually spot-on in her most of her assessments), I'm curious: which lipstick shape would you say is most me?


Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m I wonder what it means when you have lipsticks but rarely use them?

But if I h-a-v-e to choose, I would say a mixture of slant, and flat top, but I think you were probably more on target by doing it YOUR way. m-m-m was "doing things your way" in one of those descriptions? And OVER ANALYZING----You???

MIL (love you)

amelia said...

So I kind of had a "middle of the road" thing where I was a combination of two...I posted the same thing on my blog but I can't remember my results. Wow, am I sharp or what? *roll eyes*

Here are my results (I had to go get them....)

To the point
High morals
Needs approval
Careful about appearance
Very dependable
Quick mind
Loves challenges

Pretty accurate I think.


PS ~ You're beautiful!

Melissa said...

I have lipstick because it was given to me... I don't have any of my own... and the ones that I have fit several different shapes... and I never use them...lol...

Anonymous said...

I need to go take the quiz too...I am really just a chap stick/light pink lipstick girl.....love your new pic up there...I just knew you'd be beautiful! Have a Blessed day!


kris said...

My quiz said that I am a detective and a prober. Thank goodness all those 'Law & Order' episodes have paid off!

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Here's what it had to say about me:
Dislikes schedules
Selective of friends
Likes attention