19 August 2007

thwarted addiction

Scattered about my house are scraps of notebook paper and pink post-its with lists of book titles. Namely, books I intend to read sometime this century, preferably the while-I'm-still-alive part of this century.

Here's a sampling of titles from the first two lists I dug up:

The Trouble with Normal (Cherise Mericle Harper)
Bird by Bird
Writer's Workshop in a Book
Sacred Games (Vikram Chandra)
Falling Man (Don DeLillo)
The God of Animals (Aryn Kyle)
The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears (Dinaw Mengestu)

Rarely do I cross anything off these lists, however, since I never manage the foresight to bring any of the post-its with me to the library. So the books I borrow after a prodigious amount of hemming and hawing comprise an entirely different list themselves. A good list, mostly, but unintentional.

Yesterday was an exception.

It started off as not-an-exception, as I found myself at the library with four kids and no lists. But not only did I remember to look for Lolita, I actually found it on the shelves, in spite of not knowing the author's name (Vladimir Nabokov) and an apparent inability to ask for help.

So here I am, happily at home with three promising novels: Hattie Big Sky (finished it, pretty good), So B. It, and the aforementioned Lolita.

One book down, 274 to go.


amelia said...

Oh Nic you're making me want to go to the library right now! perhaps it's because Adonis took my car and I'm stranded....but honestly I think I am just craving a good read.


Melissa said...

I too have a list of books I'd like to read. But going to the library with my kids is difficult. Little Bug is a true believer that quiet is a bad thing. A really bad thing. So he does everything he can to destroy the quiet...

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Way to lengthen -my- list. =P

I have the "can't ask for help" issue too. What's with that?