15 August 2007

because it's wednesday and all

So in spite of my firmly articulated aversion to tag, the gorgeous Morgan has tagged me to play her freaky self-portrait game (which I have to admit is rather addicting). I thought I might weasel out of it on the technicality of owning PSP instead of Photoshop, but as I didn't want to risk the wrath of Morgan, here ya go:

(me in a washing machine)

(the poltergeist version of me)

(how I'd look if you infrared-thermal-scanned me)


(impersonating jimmy neutron)

So I ended up with weird more than freaky, but I've frittered away too much time to go back and redo the assignment. Weird it is.

And now I shall go against every fiber of my non-tagging morality and tag Emily, because everything she touches is hilarious. Let's see it, Em!


Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Love it! The Touched By An Angel shot is hilarious.

Morgan said...

See, now that was fun!!!! I'm dying laughing over your captions, especially the poltergeist one. You are a good sport to break your own rule (aversion) against playing and tagging. Much appreciated, and I owe you one!


gillian said...

OMG! You are WAY too hot! I am glad you posted all these fun ones, it dampened the whole, "wow she is hot" reaction to you profile photo! LOL! I had tunnel vision. LOL!

And I agree about Em!! :D


Unknown said...

i love these...washing machine is my fave. =)

amelia said...

You're so cute and creative!

So um, were we supposed to use Photoshop?...I don't own that. LOL!


Melissa said...

Those are so funny! I wish I had Photo Shop too... wouldn't that be awesome?!